MythTV System Events

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MythTV System Events are a new feature in MythTV 0.23. Historically MythEvents have been used to communicate between components of the system when blocking was not required for proper operation. Now it is possible for the end user to tap into a number of events as well as defining up to ten keypress events. These events are handled by running an external script with appropriate parameters. MythTV System Events are configured on a per box basis so each machine can have it's own system specific handlers.

These are the currently defined events:

  • Recording pending
  • Recording started
  • Recording finished
  • Recording deleted
  • Recording expired
  • Playback started
  • Playback stopped
  • Playback paused
  • Playback unpaused
  • Playback program changed
  • Master backend started
  • Master backend shutdown
  • Client connected to master backend
  • Client disconnected from master backend
  • Slave backend connected to master
  • Slave backend disconnected from master
  • Network Control client connected
  • Network Control client disconnected
  • mythfilldatabase ran
  • Scheduler ran
  • Settings cache cleared