MythTV Universal Metadata Format

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Video Example

    <title>Star Wars</title>
    <subtitle>A New Hope</subtitle>
    <tagline>A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...</tagline>
    <description>A band of rebels travel the galaxy attempting to free themselves from the tyranny of the evil galactic empire.</description>
        <certification locale="us" name="PG" />
         <category type="genre" name="Action" /> 
         <category type="genre" name="Adventure" /> 
         <category type="genre" name="Fantasy" /> 
         <category type="genre" name="Science Fiction" /> 
         <studio name="Lucasfilm" /> 
         <country name="Tunisia" /> 
         <country name="United States of America" /> 
    <releasedate>1977-05-25</releasedate> <!-- RFC-822 date -->
    <lastupdated>2010-05-17 00:51:33</lastupdated> <!-- RFC-822 date-time -->
    <runtime>121</runtime> <!-- In minutes -->
    <inetref>11</inetref> <!-- Per source reference string -->
    <imdb>0076759</imdb> <!-- IMDB number -->
        <person name="Mark Hamill" job="Actor" character="Luke Skywalker" thumb="" url="" />
        <person name="George Lucas" job="Author" character="" thumb="" url="" />
        <image type="coverart" thumb="" url="" />
        <image type="fanart" thumb="" url="" />
        <image type="fanart" thumb="" url="" />

Supported person jobs

These are the strings to insert for the various jobs. More can be added, but these are the currently supported jobs:

Movie/Video Jobs

  • "Actor"
  • "Author"
  • "Producer"
  • "Executive Producer"
  • "Director"
  • "Cinematographer"
  • "Composer"
  • "Editor"
  • "Casting"

Music Jobs

  • "Artist"
  • "Album Artist"