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MythTV Linux distributions: The fast and simple way to install MythTV

Because of the popularity of MythTV, there are a lot of Linux distributions available which are dedicated to MythTV, or include a MythTV component. With these distributions, installing MythTV is extremely simple: Put the installation CD into the computer, restart, answer some questions and you're ready.

At the moment MythBuntu followed by MythDora are the most popular MythTV-Linux distributions. But the others are just as good and all have their own pros and cons.

Following you'll find a list of the most popular MythTV distributions. Instead of discussing each one here, we provide you with the links to the most important pages to quickly start using MythTV. For each distribution, you'll find links to the following information:

  • Homepage - The place to start finding out more about your favorite distribution
  • Installation instructions - Here you can find the installation instructions
  • Wiki - A wiki is always a good place to look for information. If you find something missing in the wiki, then add it yourself to help others like they helped you.
  • Forum - Forums are great to find about previous discussion for information, troubleshooting or news. Post your question there if don't find what you were looking for.
  • IRC-Channel - IRC channels are great to talk realtime to others for questions, information and anything else. Sometimes it can take a few hours before getting a answer so keep your irc channel open while you do something else.



LinHES (formally KnoppMyth)




More MythTV distributions

  • And there are more to find using or other search-engines