MythTV on Playstation3

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This will be a hub to gather all info around using MythTV on the Playstation 3.

Current status

MythTV is running under YellowDogLinux with packages from atrpm. The problem: As others reported before: playback is choppy because XVideo is not available and MythTV falls back to XSHM for playback.

The other way to get it working better would be to use Qt/Embedded and directFB to use MyhtTV directly from the conosle.

Information found on the web

For now I found the following interesting bits of information regarding MythTV on the ps3:

Framebuffer related

General bits of information

  • Here is a thread of someone reporting about having YellowDog Linux on the PS3:
    Not very informative, but who knows what will be replied to that thread in the future...
  • Here is a task in the Myth-Trac which relates to a new branch (mythtv-vid) in MythTV which aims to work on the video-output of mythtv:
    The howto in this wiki mentions that this branch should be used when using MythTV in a framebuffer

Whats next?

First i will try to get Gentoo running on my Playstion 3. This will be the better base to compile and modify mythtv on my own. I will then try to get MythTV compiled with Qt/Embedded and directFB. I will report back when there is progress...