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This will be a hub to gather all info around using MythTV on the Playstation 3.

Current status

MythTV is running under YellowDogLinux with packages from atrpm. The problem: As others reported before: playback is choppy because XVideo is not available and MythTV falls back to XSHM for playback.

Ps3.pngI have installed Gentoo on my PS3 to start experimenting with DirectFB. DirectFB 1.0.0 compiled cleanly. I rebuilt SDL with directfb-support, and compiled mplayer with directfb support.
Unfortunatly, mplayer does not work with directfb or sdl, it always crashes at some point. I still need to figure out why. Though the test-program DFBPoint does work nicely. When run with --dfb:mode=1280x720 it entered fullscreen nicely, but some of the slide-animations where a little bit sloppy. I wonder if Mythtv would run smooth via directfb if there is no hardware acceleration.

Information found on the web

For now I found the following interesting bits of information regarding MythTV on the ps3:

Framebuffer related

General bits of information

  • Here is a thread of someone reporting about having YellowDog Linux on the PS3:
    Not very informative, but who knows what will be replied to that thread in the future...
  • Here is a task in the Myth-Trac which relates to a new branch (mythtv-vid) in MythTV which aims to work on the video-output of mythtv:
    The howto in this wiki mentions that this branch should be used when using MythTV in a framebuffer

Whats next?

Since I have Gentoo up and running now on my playstation, the next step will be to compile Qt/Embedded and test if that works. After that, i plan to compile the mythtv-vid branch with directFB support.

I will report back when there is progress...