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Ps3.png This will be a hub to gather all info around using MythTV on the Playstation 3.

Current status

MythTV is running under YellowDogLinux with packages from atrpm. The problem: As others reported before: playback is choppy because XVideo is not available and MythTV falls back to XSHM for playback.

I have installed Gentoo on my PS3 to start experimenting with DirectFB. DirectFB 1.0.0 compiled cleanly. I rebuilt SDL with directfb-support, and compiled mplayer with directfb support.
Unfortunately, mplayer does not work with directfb or sdl, it always crashes at some point. I still need to figure out why. Though the test-program DFBPoint does work nicely. When run with --dfb:mode=1280x720 it entered fullscreen nicely, but some of the slide-animations where a little bit sloppy. I wonder if Mythtv would run smooth via directfb if there is no hardware acceleration.

I have now successfully emerged qt-embedded. After that I checked out the mythtv-vid branch and compiled it successfully. It even starts fine in fullscreen mode (1280x720), the menu is shown, keyboard works. Unfortunatly the mythtv-vid branch contains some changes from upstream and this made the mythfrontend incompatible with my backend running on my server (My Server has protocol 31, the mythtv-vid-branch currently 33) so i could not check how video-playback would run. However I made some tests with mplayer: When I just call it without parameters (no -vo=directfb) it works through sdl and that uses fbcon. It even scales to full 720p. However playback of HD-material is very choppy and not fluid at all. SD-material runs nearly smooth. Then I started the X server and used mplayer with the X11 driver. SD-material and material slightly over SD runs very smooth and great. Sadly the X11 driver cannot scale to fullscreen, which is very odd. HD-material (720p) runs better than under the console, but not even near the full framerate. Interestingly i heard of people running mplayer with Full-HD videos (1080p) under X and they said it was smooth as silk.

Information found on the web

For now I found the following interesting bits of information regarding MythTV on the ps3:

Framebuffer related

General bits of information

Whats next?

Since I don't want to go SVN in my mythtv-network (one server, 2-3 frontends) i am stuck a little bit because I cannot try the frontend i compilde. Does anyone have an Idea on how to build a second mythbackend server with a newer version on the same machine as the real server and run them simultanously? Or could i run one in a virtual machine? But from where would i get some recordings to test video-playback then? Any Ideas?

Until I have a solution to the above problem, consider this project on halt.

Anyway I will probably test a little bit more with mplayer and see how i may optimize playback. Perhaps there are some workarounds to at least play back recordings in an easy and comfortable way. (UPnP and djmount come to mind)

I will report back when there is progress...