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MythTouchMote is a design for a frontend where the playback and the user-interface are seperated onto different devices (front-end device plays back the media and a tablet provides the control).

This concept is very different from using the on-screen keyboard from Mythweb on a laptop or tabet to control the existing frontend, because buttons are named for tasks, it's a goal orientated interface opposed to a command-key oriented interface.

At present MythTouchMote is jus a userinterface design. The designer is willing pay a bounty for it's creation by a developer. The author would be happy to accept offers of further bounties for this project.

The specification is available from; questions, comments and additional contributions to the bounty, to user [richard.e.morton].

The idea is to develop the application in two parts;

- a playback/ripping control system which runs as a daemon ideally and presents a simple API to connect to from higher layers. This would use existing playback engines such as VLC etc for playback.
- a webserver application which presents a templatable interface on the tablet via AJAX

splitting it in this way permits further interfaces to be developed for specific devices in C++, Flash etc if demand required it