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In order to demonstrate some of the capabilities of MythUI and provide an example for new themers to follow, an example theme is being worked on. This theme models each screen after a different third party media application. What better way to highlight the versatility of the MythTV UI than making mythtv look like several different applications at once?

Once complete the full theme and it's images will be made available here.

N.B. All artwork in the mythui versions was created from scratch, except for the fanart/banners which were obtained from Nothing was taken from the original versions, the mythui versions were created based on the screenshots alone. Font styles and sizes could have been made to match better, however finding good substitutes was not considered a good use of time. The mythui sceenshots are PNG and the thumbnail scaling in Wikipedia has rendered them blurry compared to the original JPGs, this fuzziness does not exist in the TV/monitor image.

Video Manager

Styled to match XBMCs Mediastream theme.


Video Browser

Styled to match XBMCs Aeon theme.


Video Gallery

Style to match Media Portal's MovingPictures plugin.


Watch Recordings

Styled to match the Sky(UK) HD PVR/STB.


Upcoming Recordings

Styled to match the Virgin Media(UK) Cable STB.