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MythUtil-Channel-HDHR-visibilityCheck is a python script which is part of a set of related utility scripts (MythUtil-Channel-XMLTV-getLineup MythUtil-Channel-videosource MythUtil-Channel-HDHR-channelCheck MythUtil-Channel-HDHR-visibilityCheck MythUtil-Channel-visibility) that may be useful for users to maintain their channel lineup.

The definitive source location for this script is located on github, which is where one should obtain the current script.

MythUtil-Channel-HDHR-visibilityCheck reports on any difference between available the HDHR channels visibility and the visibility settings in the MythTV lineup.


 MythUtil-Channel-HDHR-visibilityCheck [-h] --hdhr HDHR
                                       [--backend BACKEND] [--port PORT]
                                       [--username USERNAME]
                                       [--password PASSWORD]
                                       (--videosource-name SOURCENAME | --videosource-id SOURCEID)
                                       [--channel CHANNELINCLUDE [CHANNELINCLUDE ...]]
                                       [--exclude-channel CHANNELEXCLUDE [CHANNELEXCLUDE ...]]
                                       [--force-visible | --force-invisible]

Optional arguments:

optional arguments:

 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 --hdhr HDHR           the HDHomeRun from which to retrieve the lineup
 --backend BACKEND, --host BACKEND
                       the host (backend) to access. The default is localhost.
 --port PORT           the port to connect to on on the host. The default is 6544
 --username USERNAME   the username to use for host authentication
 --password PASSWORD   the password to use for host authentication
 --videosource-name SOURCENAME
                       the video source name
 --videosource-id SOURCEID
                       the video source id
                       list of channels to consider. The default is all
                       list of channels to exclude. The default is none
                       mark channels as not visible if disabled in device
                       ignore copy-protection settings for visibility determination
 --force-visible       force the channel(s) to be set to visible
 --force-invisible     force the channel(s) to be set to invisible
 --update              update the channels to correct any detected problem.  The default is just report


Only tested with MythTV 0.28, and 4th generation HDHR devices with the latest firmwares. To usefully use this script one must use the "Detect Channels" capability of the HDHR before running the script.


For the examples below, it is presumed you are running on the backend host with the default ports.

  • Scenario: You simply want a report on what channels are set differently in MythTV as what you CableCARD indicates you can record, and if your MythTV channel and CableCARD channels are different for your videosource id 1.
  MythUtil-Channel-HDHR-visibilityCheck --hdhr=myhdhr.local --videosource-id=1
  • Scenario: You want to set the MythTV channel visibility to be the same as your CableCARD subscriptions. Your videosource name is FiOS.
  MythUtil-Channel-HDHR-visibilityCheck --hdhr=myhdhr.local --videosource-name=FiOS --update
  • Scenario: You have both a HDHomeRun with a CableCARD to record unprotected content and a STB to record protected content (say ShowTime) with a dedicated lineup (sourceid) that you use for the STB (because of the capability of recording protected content). Occasionally your provider has a "free" premium channel weekend for Starz which will still be marked as protected (so you need to use your STB to record it), but will be added to your CableCARD channel enablements for the "free" weekend. For this example, your Starz channel is 500 and your STB lineup is sourceid=2
  MythUtil-Channel-HDHR-visibilityCheck --hdhr=myhdhr.local --videosource-id=2 --channel=500 --ignore-copy-protection --update