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MythVideo (in MythTV .22 and newer) uses a complex series of regular expressions to parse all the metadata it can find from a filename when importing the file into the database. Using most common naming schemes, MythVideo can parse Title, Subtitle, Season, and Episode where that data is relevant. Below are some examples of acceptable naming conventions. Additionally, MythVideo can parse most/all of the below formats w/ any number of underscores, dashes, spaces, and periods replacing spaces below.


  • A Movie Title.mpg
  • Title s01e01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title 1x01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title Season 1 Episode 1 Subtitle.mpg

Filename/Path combinations

  • Title/Season 1/01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title/Season 1/s01e01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title/Season 1/1x01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title/Season 1/Title s01e01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title/Season 1/Title 1x01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title/Season 1/Episode 1 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title/Season 1/Season 1 Episode 1 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title Season 1/01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title Season 1/s01e01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title Season 1/1x01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title Season 1/Title s01e01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title Season 1/Title 1x01 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title Season 1/Episode 1 Subtitle.mpg
  • Title Season 1/Season 1 Episode 1 Subtitle.mpg

Specials, DVD Extras, and other Unusual Content

Various sources may address specials or other unusual content in a way which is unique to that metadata source. You may need to name your files appropriately in order for the metadata grabber to insert correct information. One notable example is The TVDB, which addresses such content as "Season 0." See that source's wiki page for further information.

A Note on Translations

If your language has an up to date (as of .22) translation file, you can replace the local values of "Season" and "Episode" in the above examples, ie:

  • Title/Staffel 1/Teil 1 Subtitle.mpg

Note that your MythVideo translation *must* have been completed after [21509] for this to work!

UK USERS NOTE - If English UK is selected as your locale, "Season" is translated to "Series" and your files and folders must be named accordingly