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MythStreams is a plugin that plays streaming content full screen using the internal player.

It currently only has content provided by the BBC iPlayer (and this is only available to people in the UK). it uses an XML file which I host and is updated hourly, this way I can sanity check the scripts i use which export data from the iPlayer pages. Also I will add in extra providers as time goes on.

This plugin is based heavily on the Movie Times plugin, which was an awesome starting point. It will become less based on this as development continues.

All content is downloaded using mencoder and transcoded into an mpeg2 which mythtv plays. Its wasteful on resources and adds an extra dependancy, but is rock solid. If anyone wants to help out and get the internal player to play the streaming h264 files eb my guest.

A video of an early version of the plugin at work is available at:

Prerequisites: Mencoder (part of mplayer) Curl (in most distros)

To install:

tar xzf mythstreams-1.tar.gz
cd mythstreams
make install
cp scripts/ /usr/local/bin/

Next you have to add the menu entries for the plugin:

cd /usr/local/share/mythtv vi library.xml

Add the following lines:

     <text>Myth Streams</text>
     <action>PLUGIN mythstreams</action>

vi media_settings.xml

Add the following lines:

     <text>MythStreams Setting</text>
     <action>CONFIGPLUGIN mythstreams</action>