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Important.png Note: MythWeather is currently broken. The radar map displays, but all other displays are broken due to changes at MSNBC. Mythweather has been replaced in the development version with a completely re-written plugin, see the development list for more information.

For information on setting up the re-written plugin, check out the Weather sandbox.

MythWeather is a plugin that will display the latest weather information.


Weather info is obtained from and MSNBC and displayed in four easy to read screens.

User Screens

Current Conditions

For the U.S., an icon representation of the overall weather for the current day, along with humidity, pressure, wind speed and directions, visibility, wind chill temperature and the UV index.

Extended Forecast

For the U.S., A three day extended forcast, including today(?!), tomorrow, and the next day. A short text descript along with a representative logo along with the LO and HI temperatures.

Tomorrow's Outlook

Short forecast information for the following day.

Area Radar

For the U.S., a local

Setup Screen

Three options are currently available,

Weather Units - Imperial (Fahrenheit, in, etc) and Metric (Celsius, kPa, etc).

Location - Location of closest available city sorted alphabetically.

Aggressiveness - Choose the relative speed of your internet connection.

Note: to save changes made to the setting you must hit the "i" key or your remote control's equivalent. "i" is the key for the on screen display information.


MythWeather will slideshow among the four main screens every 5 seconds or so without user intervention. The <- and -> arrows on your keyboard or key-bound remote control will move you to the previous or next screens, respectively. Pause will stop the slideshow, and a subsequent press will resume operation.

While watching MythWeather, you can use the number keys on your keyboard or key-bound remote control to enter a valid US zipcode. This will temporarily change the selected city. This feature is especially useful for the frequent traveller who wants to know the weather at his or her destination.