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Purpose: Myth Weather is a module for the MythTV project with the purpose of displaying the local weather

Features: Myth Weather has 4 user screens and 1 setup screen.

User Screens:

Three-Day Forcast An icon representation of the overall weather for the day (and a text description), along with an average temperature for the day.
Weather Map This is downloaded on-the-fly from The Weather Channel's website, at least in the US.
Current Conditions This is a screen with a text description of the current weather conditions, fit into a template. A weather mad-lib, if you will.
Area Radar This is also courtesy of the Weather Channel (again, for USAdians).

Setup Screen:

Here you can choose Celsius or Imperial temperature scales, as well as your local city. After selecting all of your setup options, press 'I' to store them.


Myth Weather will slideshow among the three main screens every 5 seconds or so without user intervention. The <- and -> arrows on your keyboard or key-bound remote control will move you to the previous or next screens, respectively. Pause will stop the slideshow, and a subsequent press will resume operation.
While watching Myth Weather, you can use the number keys on your keyboard or key-bound remote control to enter a valid US zipcode. This will temporarily change the selected city. This feature is especially useful for the frequent traveller who wants to know the weather at his or her destination.

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