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Coming soon!

Running a web server may open your computer up to hacking attempts, particularly if you allow access through your firewall. Instructions for securing MythWeb are available elsewhere in this wiki and you should take appropriate steps before enabling access via the Internet.

This page assumes that you have used MacPorts to install the Myth backend and database on an OS X machine and now want to serve MythWeb from the same machine. Other configurations are possible but are left as an exercise for the reader!


NOT READY YET--MythWeb is not available through MacPorts right now but should be coming soon. This page will be modified when it is available.

Install MythWeb and supporting software

Use Terminal to run the following commands:

At the Terminal prompt, you enter What happens
sudo port install mythweb.25
Download, build and install the MythWeb and supporting software. This should require a few minutes, at most.

Configure Apache and PHP

To do. Copy from MacPorts MAMP page ...

Configure MythWeb

To do.

Accessing MythWeb