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If you are trying to build MythTV from source, you are usually trying to build a frontend to match a Linux backend. This means you need to build a compatible version. e.g. if the backend is MythTV-0.24, then try to build the same Mac frontend version, or maybe the latest version of that source code branch - MythTV-0.24-fixes.

The developers usually keep these branches very stable, so they should build on most Mac OS versions. However, building the latest and greatest - trunk - may be a little more difficult, depending on what changes have been committed recently, and how hostile they are to Mac OS X and Windows.

This document is trying to be a whiteboard of peoples’ building successes and failures.

MythTV trunk

OS Arch. XCode rev. GIT rev. Status
10.6.7 Intel Core 2 Duo 3.2.4 v0.25pre-1944-g8089760 Working OK

MythTV 0.24 (and -fixes)

OS Arch. XCode rev. GIT rev. Status Date
10.6.4 Dual Quad-Core Xeon 3.2.3 b0.24-27-g3dc867a Building and working. MMX may be re-enabled in osx-packager script.
10.5.8 PowerPC Dual G5 3.1.4 v0.24.1-e89d6a9f7e Builds backend and frontend using -pluginskip. Firewire capture works.
10.5.8 Intel Core Duo 3.1.3 v0.24-22-gba0e1ac Clean build of Myth frontend & backend and all dependencies
10.6.8 Intel Core Duo 4.0 v0.24-a45bdd3d6a Modification needed to change MySQL version from 5.0.89 to 5.0.92 2011-11-25
10.4.11 PowerPC G4 1.42 2.5 0-24-fixes r27420 Modification needed to compile lame with -O2 optimization 2011-04-30
10.5.8 Intel Core Duo 3.2.1 v0.24-100-g415b883 sample

MythTV 0.23 (and -fixes)

OS Arch. XCode rev. GIT rev. Status
10.6.3 2x 4-core Xeon 3.2.3 v0.23.1-21-g5f2c474 Not building (libswscale, libavcodec need -mdynamic-no-pic, filter_yadif has MMX error)

Build status of outdated versions is at Myth_on_Mac_-_Historical_Build_status