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If you are trying to build MythTV from source, you are usually trying to build a frontend to match a Linux backend. This means you need to build a compatible version. e.g. if the backend is MythTV-0.24, then try to build the same Mac frontend version, or maybe the latest version of that source code branch - MythTV-0.24-fixes.

The developers usually keep these branches very stable, so they should build on most Mac OS versions. However, building the latest and greatest - trunk - may be a little more difficult, depending on what changes have been committed recently, and how hostile they are to Mac OS X and Windows.

Since late 2011, an OS X machine is one of the Buildbot machines. Multiple times per day, the build slave does a full build of MythTV for OS X. If the build fails, the developers are notified immediately so that offending change can be identified and corrected. For details, see

This document is trying to be a whiteboard of peoples’ building successes and failures.

MythTV trunk

OS Arch. XCode rev. GIT rev. Status
10.6.7 Intel Core 2 Duo 3.2.4 v0.25pre-1944-g8089760 Working OK

MythTV 0.24 (and -fixes)

OS Arch. XCode rev. GIT rev. Status Date
10.6.4 Dual Quad-Core Xeon 3.2.3 b0.24-27-g3dc867a Building and working. MMX may be re-enabled in osx-packager script.
10.5.8 PowerPC Dual G5 3.1.4 v0.24.1-e89d6a9f7e Builds backend and frontend using -pluginskip. Firewire capture works.
10.5.8 Intel Core Duo 3.1.3 v0.24-22-gba0e1ac Clean build of Myth frontend & backend and all dependencies
10.6.8 Intel Core Duo 4.0 v0.24-a45bdd3d6a Modification needed to change MySQL version from 5.0.89 to 5.0.92 2011-11-25
10.4.11 PowerPC G4 1.42 2.5 0-24-fixes r27420 Modification needed to compile lame with -O2 optimization 2011-04-30
10.5.8 Intel Core Duo 3.2.1 v0.24-100-g415b883 sample

MythTV 0.23 (and -fixes)

OS Arch. XCode rev. GIT rev. Status
10.6.3 2x 4-core Xeon 3.2.3 v0.23.1-21-g5f2c474 Not building (libswscale, libavcodec need -mdynamic-no-pic, filter_yadif has MMX error)

Build status of outdated versions is at Myth_on_Mac_-_Historical_Build_status