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The software packages in the Mythbuntu PPAs make the installation of MythTV and configuration of the system easier, faster, and less prone to configuration errors. The Mythbuntu packages are installed after Ubuntu or one of the compatible Ubuntu flavors is installed. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian and composed mostly of free and open-source software.

MythTV Updates Repository

A personal package archive (PPA) exists for each MythTV version and contains Ubuntu packages that are ready to install without building the software from the source code. The current stable MythTV version PPA and developmental version PPA are updated when MythTV developers commit upstream updates to the source code. Using a MythTV Updates PPA is recommended because the software is updated with important fixes more often than the default Ubuntu repository.

A MythTV Updates PPA can be added using Mythbuntu Control Panel or by using the commands shown below in a terminal. Replace "33" below as needed for the desired MythTV version. The current stable MythTV version is recommended for most users. The current stable version is 34.0. Use a whole number and not a decimal in the command below.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mythbuntu/33
sudo apt-get update

The MythTV backend, frontend and plugins can be installed from the added PPA using Mythbuntu Control Panel or by using the commands shown below in a terminal. The mythplugins package will install all available plugins. Each plugin can also be installed individually.

sudo apt install mythtv-backend-master
sudo apt install mythtv-frontend
sudo apt install mythplugins

A secondary backend is not common, but it can be installed from the added PPA using Mythbuntu Control Panel or by using the command shown below in a terminal.

sudo apt install mythtv-backend

Each PPA has additonal packages, but they are not needed for a standard installation.

Mythbuntu Control Panel

Mythbuntu Control Panel (MCP) aims to minimize the need to perform tasks using the command line. Some of the tasks that MCP makes easy can take a considerable amount of time when using the command line. MCP is based on the original Mythbuntu Control Centre application. More information about MCP can be found at

Some of the tasks that MCP can assist with:

  • Add a MythTV Updates PPA
  • Install and uninstall MythTV and related software
  • User and configuration file setup
  • Enable networking and ensure the network is available before starting the backend
  • Set up the backend as user mythtv
  • Automatically start the frontend when booting the computer
  • Infrared remote configuration
  • Install and uninstall MythTV plugins
MCP Screenshot.png

Mythbuntu Theme

The Mythbuntu theme is often used on a MythTV system when set up using a MythTV Updates PPA. It is a dark theme with easily readable text. It is based on the MythTV Project Grayhem theme.

Steps to use the Mythbuntu theme:

  1. Start MythTV Frontend
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Theme Chooser
  4. Select Mythbuntu
Mythbuntu theme screenshot.png


Mythbuntu was previously a complete Ubuntu distribution and official Ubuntu flavor. When it was a separate distribution, Mythbuntu included an application named Mythbuntu Control Centre used to configure the system. MCC could also be installed on a regular Ubuntu installation and used to install MythTV and configure the system. After the separate Mythbuntu distribution was discontinued, the MythTV Updates repository was maintained with frequent updates and continues to be used by many people. One of the main reasons for creating a separate distribution was to have a minimal Ubuntu installation along with the MythTV and associated software. The need to have a separate distribution to accomplish this no longer exists since Ubuntu and Xubuntu now have a minimal install option when installing the operating system. The Mythbuntu PPAs, MCP, and the Mythbuntu theme are now community maintained.

Known Issues and Notes

With recent Ubuntu versions, Wayland can be used by default to control the display. Switch to Xorg to avoid problems when using MythTV v31 with Wayland. The steps to use Xorg on Ubuntu are as follows:

  1. Log out of the current session.
  2. On the login screen, click the settings icon in the lower right corner.
  3. Select Xorg, and login to use Xorg for future sessions.

Also refer to the release notes for the MythTV version being used. A link to the release notes for the current stable version is provided at