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Mythcommflag is the internal process used by the front end to flag commercials in MythTV recordings. There are various options that can be set on how commercials are detected. See the front end configuration manual for details.


$ mythcommflag --help
Valid Options are:
-c OR --chanid chanid        Flag recording with given channel ID
-s OR --starttime starttime  Flag recording with given starttime
-f OR --file filename        Flag recording with specific filename
--video filename             Rebuild the seektable for a video (non-recording) file
--sleep                      Give up some CPU time after processing each frame
--rebuild                    Do not flag commercials, just rebuild seektable
--gencutlist                 Copy the commercial skip list to the cutlist
--clearcutlist               Clear the cutlist
--setcutlist CUTLIST         Set a new cutlist.  CUTLIST is of the form:
                             #-#[,#-#]...  (ie, 1-100,1520-3012,4091-5094
--getcutlist                 Display the current cutlist
-v or --verbose debug-level  Use '-v help' for level info
--queue                      Insert flagging job into the JobQueue rather than
                             running flagging in the foreground
--quiet                      Turn OFF display (also causes the program to
                             sleep a little every frame so it doesn't hog CPU)
                             takes precedence over --blanks if given first)
--blanks                     Show list of blank frames if already in database
                             (takes precedence over --quiet if given first)
--all                        Re-run commercial flagging for all recorded
                             programs using current detection method.
--allstart YYYYMMDDHHMMSS    when using --all, only flag programs starting
                             after the 'allstart' date (default = Jan 1, 1970).
--allend YYYYMMDDHHMMSS      when using --all, only flag programs ending
                             before the 'allend' date (default is now).
--force                      Force flagging of a video even if mythcommflag
                             thinks it is already in use by another instance.
--hogcpu                     Do not nice the flagging process.
                             WARNING: This will consume all free CPU time.
-h OR --help                 This text

Note: both --chanid and --starttime must be used together
      if either is used.

If no command line arguments are specified, all
unflagged videos will be flagged.