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Author Cowbutt
Description A simple bash script based on that wraps mythcommflag and can be used manually (via 'Begin Advert Detection' menu option in recording browser) to use silence detection for commflagging for certain UK TV channels.
Supports Version24.png  

Rename the existing mythcommflag binary

Mythbackend runs the commflag differently according to the configured name (i.e JobQueueCommFlagCommand in the settings table). If it's not 'mythcommflag', then it always runs the configured commflagger with no parameters (i.e. in "flag all uncommflagged recordings"). Therefore it's necessary for this script to replace and wrap mythcommflag. e.g.

mv /usr/bin/mythcommflag /usr/bin/mythcommflag.orig

Install wrapper script in place of mythcommflag

Install this script as /usr/bin/mythcommflag (or wherever your original mythcommflag binary was located)



# edit/tune these #
# DB username and password
# root of MythTV recordings
# Allow ad breaks to be upto 400s long by coalescing non-silence
# mytharchivehelper isn't frame-accurate, and mythcommflag won't add final cut pair if the end of the cut is greater
# than the actual final frame, so subtract $ENDFUDGEFRAMES from the value mytharchivehelper returns
# -70dB and minimum of 0.15s to be considered 'silent'
# Log file

echo >>$LOGFILE "$0 run with [$*] at `date` by `whoami`"
#/usr/bin/mythcommflag run with [-j 584 -V 8213] at Sat Jan 29 17:26:58 GMT 2011 by root
#select recorded.basename from recorded join jobqueue where and jobqueue.chanid=recorded.chanid and jobqueue.starttime=recorded.starttime;

silence_detect() {
		local filename=$1
		TMPDIR=`mktemp -d /tmp/mythcommflag.XXXXXX` || exit 1		
		# get frame count, less 3 seconds (75 frames) fudge factor
		let FRAMES=`mytharchivehelper -i $filename $TMPDIR/streaminfo.xml 1 2>&1 | grep " frames = " | awk -F"= " '{print $2}'`-${ENDFUDGEFRAMES}

		# From <>

# AJB20110129 Have already checked for pre-existing cutlist, and this check doesn't work properly after --clearcutlist anyway
#		[[ "Cutlist: "  == `mythcommflag.fedora --getcutlist -f $filename  |grep Cutlist` ]] \
#		    || { echo already has cutlist && exit 1; }

		cd $TMPDIR
		touch `basename $filename`.touch
		ionice -c3 nice ffmpeg -i $filename -acodec copy sound.mp3
		ionice -c3 nice mp3splt -s -p $MP3SPLT_OPTS sound.mp3

		#AJB20110129 add '$FRAMES' because mythcommflag now requires *pairs* of frames
		CUTLIST=`tail --lines=+3 mp3splt.log|sort -g |\
		       awk 'BEGIN{start=0;ORS=","}{if($2-start<'$MAXCOMMBREAKSECS')
		       {finish=$2} else {print int(start*25+1)"-"int(finish*25-25);
		       start=$1; finish=$2;}}END{print int(start*25+1)"-"'$FRAMES'}'`

		echo >>$LOGFILE "silence-detect has generated cutlist: $CUTLIST"

		rm -rf $TMPDIR

if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
	# run with no parameters, flag every unflagged recording
	exec mythcommflag.fedora
	exit $?
	if [ $# -eq 4 -a "$1" = "-j" -a "$3" = "-V" ]; then
		# this is a manual flag job
		# TODO AJB20110129 generate a filelist from recorded table where commflagged=0 and cutlist=0
		# then run silence_detect over each filename
		# we're being used in some other way, run the real mythcommmflag
		echo >>$LOGFILE "running mythcommflag.fedora $*"
		exec mythcommflag.fedora $*
		exit $?
	echo >>$LOGFILE "running job $JOB"
	HASCUTLIST=`mysql -u${MYTHUSER} -p${MYTHPASS} -e "use mythconverg; select recorded.cutlist from recorded join jobqueue where$JOB and jobqueue.chanid=recorded.chanid and jobqueue.starttime=recorded.starttime;" | tail -n +2`	
	if [ "$HASCUTLIST" = "1" ]; then
		echo "program already has (manual?) cutlist, exiting"
		exit 0
	CALLSIGN=`mysql -u${MYTHUSER} -p${MYTHPASS} -e "use mythconverg; select channel.callsign from channel join jobqueue where$JOB and jobqueue.chanid=channel.chanid;" | tail -n +2`
	CHANID=`mysql -u${MYTHUSER} -p${MYTHPASS} -e "use mythconverg; select chanid from jobqueue where$JOB;" | tail -n +2`	
	STARTTIME=`mysql -u${MYTHUSER} -p${MYTHPASS} -e "use mythconverg; select starttime from jobqueue where$JOB;" | tail -n +2`
	echo >>$LOGFILE "channel callsign is $CALLSIGN"
	BASENAME=`mysql -u${MYTHUSER} -p${MYTHPASS} -e "use mythconverg; select recorded.basename from recorded join jobqueue where$JOB and jobqueue.chanid=recorded.chanid and jobqueue.starttime=recorded.starttime;" | tail -n +2`	
	echo >>$LOGFILE "basename is $BASENAME"
	FILENAME=`ionice -c3 nice find ${RECORDINGSROOT} -name $BASENAME`
	echo >>$LOGFILE "filename is $FILENAME"	

#safe list
#	if [ "$CALLSIGN" = "Film4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV1 +1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV2" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV2 +1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV3" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Dave" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Dave ja vu" ]; then
# Channel 4 channels seem to work too, but sometimes last cut is too long?
#	if [ "$CALLSIGN" = "Channel 4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Channel 4+1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "More 4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "E4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "E4+1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Film4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV1 +1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV2" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV2 +1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV3" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Dave" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Dave ja vu" ]; then
#	if [ "$CALLSIGN" = "FIVE USA" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "FIVER" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "FIVE" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Channel 4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Channel 4+1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "More 4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "E4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "E4+1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Film4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV1 +1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV2" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV2 +1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV3" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Dave" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Dave ja vu" ]; then	
# Fails on FIVER and cuts almost entire recording. Works for other FIVE channels with caveat that they include news bulletins which are't cut
	if [ "$CALLSIGN" = "FIVE USA" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "FIVE" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Channel 4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Channel 4+1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "More 4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "E4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "E4+1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Film4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV1 +1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV2" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV2 +1" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV3" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "ITV4" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Dave" -o "$CALLSIGN" = "Dave ja vu" ]; then	
		echo >>$LOGFILE "Callsign in whitelist - will run silence_detect"		
		mysql -u${MYTHUSER} -p${MYTHPASS} -e "use mythconverg; update recorded set commflagged=2 where chanid=$CHANID and starttime='${STARTTIME}';"
		echo >>$LOGFILE "silence_detect $FILENAME"
		silence_detect $FILENAME
		echo >>$LOGFILE "silect_detect() set CUTLIST to $CUTLIST"
		mythcommflag --setcutlist $CUTLIST -f $FILENAME
		echo "mythcommflag --setcutlist returned $RC"
		if [ $RC -eq 0 ]; then
			mysql -u${MYTHUSER} -p${MYTHPASS} -e "use mythconverg; update recorded set commflagged=1 where chanid=$CHANID and starttime='${STARTTIME}';"			
			echo >>$LOGFILE "mythcommflag failed; returned $RC"
			mysql -u${MYTHUSER} -p${MYTHPASS} -e "use mythconverg; update recorded set commflagged=0 where chanid=$CHANID and starttime='${STARTTIME}';"					
		# Not a whitelisted channel for silence_detect
		echo >>$LOGFILE "won't run silence-detect, running mythcommflag.fedora $*"
		exec mythcommflag.fedora $*
		exit $?

Edit script variables

Edit the environment variables in the wrapper script according to your local installation.

Enable commflagging

Check that commflagging is allowed in mythtv-setup (i.e. the JobAllowCommFlag setting should be 1) and that the commflag command (i.e. JobQueueCommFlagCommand) is mythcommflag.


In the 'Watch Recordings' browser, select a recording that was from a channel included in the script's whitelist (Film4, Dave, Dave ja vu, ITV1-4, ITV1 +1, ITV2 +1), hit menu, then Jobs, then 'Begin Advert Detection'). Within a few minutes, that recording should be commflagged appropriately.


Fill in the TODOs.

Expand the channel whitelist ("Five" tested once and failed, others???)

Experiment with other mp3splt options for other channels

Merge this into the real mythcommflag. Will probably need a new column in the channels table to signify which commflagging method should be used, and that in turn will require some work to the channel-editor UI of mythtv-setup.