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Using Mythshutdown to block shutdown

Mythshutdown can be used to block an automatic shutdown. Since 0.21 it is possible to call mythshutdown --lock from each script so that shutdown will remain blocked until the last script has terminated and called mythshutdown --unlock.

# Unlock if the script is terminated for any reason

# Lock shutdown
/usr/local/bin/mythshutdown --lock

# Do script stuff

The full command-line options are (taken from version 0.22 output):

Script.png mythshutdown --help
-w/--setwakeup time      (sets the wakeup time. time=yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss
                          doesn't write it into nvram)
-t/--setscheduledwakeup  (sets the wakeup time to the next scheduled recording)
-q/--shutdown            (set nvram-wakeup time and shutdown)
-x/--safeshutdown        (equal to -c -t -q.  check shutdown possible, set
                           scheduled wakeup and shutdown)
-p/--startup             (check startup. check will return 0 if automatic
                                                           1 for manually)
-c/--check flag          (check shutdown possible
                          flag is 0 - don't check recording status
                                  1 - do check recording status (default)
                          returns 0 ok to shutdown
                                  1 reset idle check)
-l/--lock                (disable shutdown. check will return 1.)
-u/--unlock              (enable shutdown. check will return 0)
-s/--status flag         (returns a code indicating the current status)
                          flag is 0 - don't check recording status
                                  1 - do check recording status (default)
                          0 - Idle
                          1 - Transcoding
                          2 - Commercial Flagging
                          4 - Grabbing EPG data
                          8 - Recording - only valid if flag is 1
                         16 - Locked
                         32 - Jobs running or pending
                         64 - In a daily wakeup/shutdown period
                        128 - Less than 15 minutes to next wakeup period
                        255 - Setup is running
-v/--verbose debug-level (Use '-v help' for level info
-h/--help                (shows this usage)

See, also, Mythwelcome.