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mythtv-setup is a configuration utility for configuring mythtv-backend. It is the first setup program to start with for your overall MythTV GUI setup.

Run mythtv-setup

Important.png Note: Before running mythtv-setup you need to stop mythbackend. For a Gentoo system this can be accomplished by running

joe@moon> /etc/init.d/mythbackend stop

For a Knoppmyth system this can be accomplished by running

joe@moon> /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop

By running myhtv-setup one gets...

As of version 0.20.2, it comprises of 4 sections:

  1. General
  2. Capture cards
  3. Video sources
  4. Input connections
  5. Channel Editor

All these sections are briefly explained in [Configuring MythTV] section of Robert Kulagowski. This wiki page will explain in-depth all options and provide useful screenshots for new users.


General settings.

Capture Cards

Video capture card configuration.

Video Sources

TV listing service configuration.

Input Connections

Associate video sources with capture cards.

Channel Editor

Channel configuration.

Storage Groups

File storage configuration.