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MythUtil is a command line application added in MythTV 0.25 that offers a number of utilities previously offered elsewhere as secondary functions.

Backend Triggers

The options tell the master backend to perform some action


Issue an event that gets forwarded to any connected MythTV application that they should clear their database settings cache and pull new values as needed.


Force the scheduler to rerun, and update the internal list of upcoming recordings, after having made some changes to the recording rules.


Scan through all defined Videos storage directories on all available hosts for content to import into the Video Library. This is intended to allow UPnP users to update their libraries without having to run mythfrontend and trigger one through the UI.


Issue an arbitrary message through the event system that gets forwarded to any connected MythTV application.


Issue an arbitrary message as a System Event that gets forwarded once to each host running a connected MythTV application.

Markup Utilities

These allow you to manipulate the commercial skip lists and cut lists defined for recordings. All of the following require the additional use of --chanid and --starttime to define the recording to operate on.








File Operations


Messaging Access



MPEG-TS Information





JobQueue Operations