Netflix Native Integration

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This describes how to integrate Netflix with a MythTV frontend. The system is made for maximum convenience, including these features:

  • Netflix runs in a native Chrome browser.
    • The HTML5 player with Encrypted Media Extensions is used.
    • Neither WINE nor pipeline are required.
    • Hardware acceleration is supported.
  • The remote can be used to control volume and start and stop movies and toggle fullscreen mode.
  • The remote can act as a mouse with acceleration.
  • A remote can enter letters using multi-tap on the number buttons.
  • Amazon Instant Video is also supported.



On a Debian-like system, the dependencies can be installed with this command:

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser xdotool python-alsaaudio python-pylirc

These scripts were designed for the keys on a Windows-compatible remote control. You may have to adjust the LIRC config for other models.

MythTV changes

Binary Installation

It is easier to maintain an installation that was installed from source. If your installation was from binaries instead, then use these instructions, but you may have to run them again every time you update MythTV.


  • Menus
  • Wrapper script

Source Installation

The changes can all be retrieved from GitHub.

git merge

Then re-install like normal.

make && sudo make install



  • Start by choosing "Netflix" or "Amazon Instant Video" from the "Internet Video" menu.
  • To exit, use the BACK remote control button. (It looks like a ⬅ on the Windows remote control).
  • To control the volume, use the VOLUMEUP and VOLUMEDOWN buttons.

Shortcut Keys

While a show is playing in Netflix, the following keys are available. When a show is not playing, pressing these buttons could cause nonsense characters to be entered. These buttons are not supported in Amazon Instant Video.

  • PLAY
  • MUTE
  • ZOOM (toggles fullscreen mode)

Mouse Controls

The arrows can be used to control the mouse. Mouse acceleration is supported, meaning that the cursor will speed up as long as you hold the button down.


The number buttons can be used to enter alphabetic characters. This is necessary for entering a name into a search box. Use the multi-tap system like on old mobile phones. For example, to enter the letter L, press 555.