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* [http://www.nu.nl/tvgids/ NU TV Gids]
* [http://www.nu.nl/tvgids/ NU TV Gids]
* [http://www.tvgids.nl/ TVGids.nl]
* [http://www.zoomer.nl/ Zoomer.nl] (live in 2008)
* [http://totaaltv.nl/ Totaal TV] (live on 2nd Jan 2008)
* [http://zie.nl Zie.nl]
* [http://www.breukelman.net/fbtv/ FBTV] (optimized for Windows Mobile PDA's)
= Channel logos =
= Channel logos =

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Information.png Tip: We are trying to get the NL specific information in Dutch available on Dutch mythtv wiki. If you have some free cycles, please add some info to the Dutch pages, still a lot todo. Some quick links to the NL wiki: Grabbers - Zenders - Aanbieders.


In the Netherlands there is currently one system left for analog broadcast receiving. This is by means of using the cable, which is provided by the cable provider in the region where one is living.The old fashioned analog antenna system is no longer available, so far antenna reception only a digital solution can be used. Satellite is also available in the Netherlands.

mythtv.nl is a Dutch forum for NL users. Please consolidate NL specific info on this official wikipage !!

Your options

This section is moved to http://www.mythtv.nl/wiki/index.php/Aanbieders



UPC has multiple version of their so-called 'mediabox'. The most common version is the one with standard (SCART) video output, as any regular television set can handle. This box in fact is a relabled device from the Thomson brand.

Currently UPC has a test roll-out of a newer mediabox, which has a HDMI output instead of SCART. This box is a relabled Philips brand.

The UPC mediabox DOES NOT use a smart-card (for all known versions). During installation the box is registered at the UPC servers. More info about UPC digital can be found on http://www.digitalekabeltelevisie.nl/waar/upc.shtml


UPC uses Nagravision 2 encryption in combination with their own proprietary checksum based on serial number box (mac address), number smartcard. This additional 'security' layer is also probably the reason why you can have only one box per household. The box also seem to have an integrated cable modem. So on IP level there is something like a handshake. In the past the base package was send Free to Air (FTA) and could be picked up with any standard DVB-C card (without encryption)

So far I do not have any experience with working PCI DVB-C cards, but during my research for information I found the following link: http://www.linuxtv.org/vdrwiki/index.php/Conditional_Access_Module which states the 'MagicModule' CAM module should be able to handle nagravision encryption. Maybe this CAM module in combination with a PCI DVB-C card can provide a successful setup??? --Michel 21:00, 9 May 2007 (UTC)

Additional information (Dutch sites)

Webpage.png - UPC MediaBox eersteklas standby-verspiller

Webpage.png - Alles wat UPC U niet vertelt over UPC digital!

Webpage.png - Digitale kabel TV op de PC

Webpage.png - Verwarring rond DVB en UPC

Webpage.png - Radar: Digitale kabel televisie en Common Access Modules {{{2}}}


In 2006 some guys has it working with mediaportal and the free to air (FTA) base package. http://www.sat4all.com/forums/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=1139779&page=0&fpart=all&vc=1

Zesko Holding

Zesko Holding is the temporary working name of the company that was formed after the merger of Casema, @Home and MultiKabel. These cable companies will continue to use their own brand names during the consolidations phase. They are already working together to harmonize pricing and product offerings and they are also working to combine their TV packages into one uniform platform.


see mythtv.nl/wiki


see mythtv.nl/wiki

@Home (fka Essent)

see mythtv.nl/wiki


see mythtv.nl/wiki



This provider uses a Samsung box but DOES NOT use a smartcard. The box can be operated without a smartcard, but provides additional channels if a smartcard is inserted.

File:Irdeto.gif CAIw uses Irdeto2 encryption, which is handled by the Samsung box. Any computer DVB-C card which has an Irdeto 2 compatible decoder may work. MythTV works flawlessly with the Cinergy 1200 DVB-C.


User experience


XMLTV Grabbers


This content is moved to the Dutch mythtv wiki

Here is my script I use in combination with the grabber to add IMDB info to the Dutch xmltv data.
Before you can use this you need to create a local imdb database. Be aware that this takes quite some time and uses disk space. To create your local imdb database use the following command:

tv_imdb --imdbdir <dir> --prepStage all --download

Script.png myth_epg_nl.sh
# !/bin/bash
# myth_epg_nl.sh
# by Moosy

# *************************************************************************************
# *   C H A N G E   T H E S E   F O R   Y O U R   M A C H I N E                       *
# *************************************************************************************
# *   grabber_dir = The directory where tv_grab_nl_py is located                      *
# *   temp_dir    = Temp directory                                                    *
# *   imdb_dir    = Directory where the IMDB database is stored                       *
# *************************************************************************************

# *************************************************************************************
# *   INSTALL/UPDATE TV_GRAB_NL_PY                                                    *
# *************************************************************************************
mv $grabber_dir/tv_grab_nl_py $grabber_dir/tv_grab_nl_py.old
cd $grabber_dir
wget http://visualization.tudelft.nl/~paul/grabber/download/tv_grab_nl_py
chmod ugo+x $grabber_dir/tv_grab_nl_py
rm /usr/bin/tv_grab_nl
ln -s $grabber_dir/tv_grab_nl_py /usr/bin/tv_grab_nl

# *************************************************************************************
# *   GET THE INITIAL EPG INFO INTO A FILE                                            *
# *************************************************************************************
$grabber_dir/tv_grab_nl_py --output $temp_dir/epg.xml --days 14

# *************************************************************************************
# *                                                                                   *
# *   sample to create the imdb database:                                             *
# *   tv_imdb --imdbdir /data/imdb/ --prepStage all --download --movies-only  --stats *
# *                                                                                   *
# *************************************************************************************
tv_imdb --imdbdir $imdb_dir --stats --quiet --output $temp_dir/epg_imdb.xml $temp_dir/epg.xml
mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 $temp_dir/epg_imdb.xml

# *************************************************************************************
# *   FIX THE MOVIE CATEGORY                                                          *
# *   and make sure only Movies are flagged as Movie                                  *
# *************************************************************************************

mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -e "UPDATE program SET category_type = '' WHERE category = 'Movie' ;"

mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -e "UPDATE program SET category_type = 'movie' WHERE category_type != 'movie'
AND (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(endtime) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(starttime)) >= 5400
AND (category = 'Action' OR category = 'Adventure' OR
category = 'Movies' OR category = 'Movie' OR category = 'Film' OR category = 'Films' ) ;"

# * These are not Movies and should not be in the Movie list - so let's delete them from the movie list
mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -e "UPDATE program SET category_type = '' WHERE title = 'Moviefacts' ;"
mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -e "UPDATE program SET category_type = '' WHERE title = 'Making the movie' ;"
mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -e "UPDATE program SET category_type = '' WHERE title = 'DVD Today' ;"
mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -e "UPDATE program SET category_type = '' WHERE title = 'DVD today' ;"
mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -e "UPDATE program SET category_type = '' WHERE title = 'RTL Film' ;"


Package.png tv_grab_nl_upc is an XMLTV-compatible grabber, written in Ruby. It captures TV-guide info from chello.nl, including links to channel icons.

UPC's programme data contains more thorough programme descriptions than those available at tvgids.nl. Additionally, many of UPC's digital cable channels, such as BBC3, BBC4 and the Travel Channel are not supported by tvgids.nl, which means that other grabbers cannot be used for these channels.

Another advantage of this grabber is that it runs much more quickly than the other Dutch grabbers, because of the more efficient page structure of UPC's programme data. A single page fetch obtains an entire day's programming for one channel, whereas other programs require one page fetch per programme.

In threaded mode, the program fetches data for all channels in parallel, allowing up to 10,000 programmes to be fetched in just 60 seconds.

~/.xmltv/tv_grab_nl_upc.conf can be edited to delete any channels that you don't need.

Detailed instructions on how to install and configure the grabber are available.

More info moved to http://www.mythtv.nl/wiki/index.php/Grabbers


Package.png tv_grab_nl_gert This seems to be an alternative for tv_grab_nl_py but the info this page seems pretty old. never tried this myself

kwik: I do use this grabber and it is very good! It provides detailed information, including genre info. Furthermore it is well maintained. Here's some important info from the site: Because the standard tv_grab_nl script can be quite a strain on the www.tvgids.nl website and takes about an hour to get 1 day of detailed information. I wrote a script to get that info once a night, and make the resulting xml available.

More info moved to http://www.mythtv.nl/wiki/index.php/Grabbers


This content is moved to the Dutch mythtv wiki


This content is moved to the Dutch mythtv wiki

Online TV Guides

Here is a list of online TV Guids in the netherlands

Channel logos

The electronic program guide (EPG), allows you to see what is currently being shown on the channels you receive. The source of the EPG is country specific. File:Netherlands.pngLogos are provided as square images, which makes them suitable for use with MythTV. To use these logos, download the logos to your mythtv backend box (in a seperate directory of course!), start mythtv-setup and go to the channel editor. Fill in the filenames for the channels you have a logo for.

There is another page on this Wiki which handles channel logos: Channel icons.

On the following pages you find logos for Dutch television:

Fambus logos

TU Delft Paul

Lyngsat Logo - Netherlands (Television)

Lyngsat Logo - Netherlands (Radio)

External Links for Dutch Users