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In the Netherlands there is currently one system left for analog broadcast receiving. This is by means of using the cable, which is provided by the cable provider in the region where one is living. The old fashioned analog antenna system is no longer available. The options that are available in the Netherlands are:

  • Analogue - cable
  • Digital - cable, satellite or terrestrial


Dvb.png The Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB) is an industry-led consortium of over 260 broadcasters. The digital TV market is growing fast the Netherlands. Digital TV standards can be divided in 3 types:

  • DVB-C - Cable
  • DVB-S - Satellite (Canal Digitaal)
  • DVB-T - Terrestrial (like Digitenne from KPN over the air)

UPC uses Nagravision encryption

Essent, Casema, Multikabel en CAIw, use Irdeto 2 encryption

DVB providers in the Netherlands can be found on:

Provider specific


File:Upc.pngThrough its UPC Broadband division, Liberty Global is active in 11 countries in Europe. UPC Broadband provides video, high-speed Internet access and telephony services over its networks and operates cable networks in The Netherlands. (upc)

List-add.png Channels and frequencies

List-add.png Can generate XML file or mySQL file


The UPC mediabox is a Thomson device that DOES NOT use a smart-card. During installation the box is registered at the UPC servers. More info about and older device from UPC can be found on

Encryption UPC uses Nagravision 2 encryption. The other Dutch providers like Essent, Casema, Multikabel en CAIw, use Irdeto 2. It seems that UPC only can provide one media box and that they do some kind of MAC address verification.

Links to UPC digital in the Netherlands: (links to Dutch site),3221.msg15760.html#msg15760


File:Casema.png Did you know that Casema has about 12,500 miles of cable in the ground? And that these cables are used to provide over 1.4 million households with radio, (digital) TV, internet and telephony? Thanks to our modern cable system, we have become a leading supplier of network services and entertainment.

File:Irdeto.gif Casema uses (Irdeto 2) which makes every Irdeto 2 compatible decoder work.

List-add.png Channels and frequecies

List of the new Casema channels for importing into Mythtv


KPN Digitenne

TV stations on the Digitenne network are in DVB-T (multiple TV programs per multiplex, all FTA public channels on one multiplex)

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XMLTV Grabbers


Package.png tv_grab_nl_py is a XMLTV compatibele grabber, written in Python that captures TV-guide info from, including all channel icons.

~/.xmltv/tv_grab_nl_py.conf can be edited to delete some of the channels that you don't need.

Detailed instructions on howto install the tvgids grabber can be found here

  • Cache detail information: YES
  • Automatic add channel logos: YES
  • Configurable total days: YES
  • MythTV category color support: YES
  • IMDB support : UNKNOWN

The MythFILLEPG bash script a little bash script that prevents mythfilldatabase from grabbing lots of overlapping days


Package.png tv_grab_nl_upc is an XMLTV-compatible grabber, written in Ruby. It captures TV-guide info from, including links to channel icons.

UPC's programme data contains more thorough programme descriptions than those available at Additionally, many of UPC's digital cable channels, such as BBC3, BBC4 and the Travel Channel are not supported by This grabber also runs faster than tv_grab_nl_py, because of the more efficient page structure of UPC's programme data.

~/.xmltv/tv_grab_nl_upc.conf can be edited to delete any channels that you don't need.

Detailed instructions on how to install and configure the grabber are available.

  • Cache detail information: NO
  • Automatic add channel logos: YES
  • Configurable total days: YES
  • MythTV category colour support: YES
  • IMDB support: YES, either static or dynamic
  • Programme data for all UPC channels: YES


Package.png This seems to be an alternative for tv_grab_nl_py but the info this page seems pretty old. never tried this myself


kwik: I do use this grabber and it is very good! It provides detailed information, including genre info. Furthermore it is well maintained. Here's some important info from the site: Because the standard tv_grab_nl script can be quite a strain on the website and takes about an hour to get 1 day of detailed information. I wrote a script to get that info once a night, and make the resulting xml available.

  • Cache detail information: YES
  • Automatic add channel logos: UNKNOWN
  • Configurable total days: UNKNOWN
  • MythTV category color support: YES
  • IMDB support : UNKNOWN


Package.png More information can be found here: It provides genre information, although not for every channel. Like the tv_grab_nl_gert script, it downloads xml information that was grabbed before. The xml is generated by wolf and all the script has to do is download it. This greatly recudes strain on In general it provides less program info than tv_grab_nl_gert.

  • Cache detail information: NO
  • Automatic add channel logos: UNKOWN
  • Configurable total days: UNKOWN
  • MythTV category color support: LIMITED
  • IMDB support : UNKNOWN

User experiences

Place holder for tv_grabbers, add your info here

Channel logos

The electronic program guide (EPG), allows you to see what is currently being shown on the channels you receive. The source of the EPG is country specific. File:Netherlands.pngLogos are provided as square images, which makes them suitable for use with MythTV. To use these logos, download the logos to your mythtv backend box (in a seperate directory of course!), start mythtv-setup and go to the channel editor. Fill in the filenames for the channels you have a logo for.

There is another page on this Wiki which handles channel logos: Channel icons.

On the following pages you find logos for Dutch television:

Fambus logos

TU Delft Paul

Lyngsat Logo - Netherlands (Television)

Lyngsat Logo - Netherlands (Radio)