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This is a contributed program (not part of the official MythTV distribution) which translates .nuv files into .avi's with minimal or no re-encoding.

Currently, it is still under development, but works only for MPEG4 .nuv files, which get translated to DivX .avi with no recoding.


  • Current version: 0.0.2
  • MPEG4 .nuv
      • data copied (with resync) to DivX .avi
      • working for non-transcoded, non-cut files
      • being tested for transcoded files (with and without cutting)
  • RT-JPEG .nuv
      • will be recoded to DivX .avi
      • not coded yet
  • MJPEG .nuv
      • will be copied to MJPEG .avi or recoded to DivX .avi
      • not coded yet
  • MPEG2 .nuv
      • these aren't actually .nuv files, they are true MPEG2 files and won't be supported, use nuvexport.

Download Location

nuv2avi is part of the nuvtools package. Source can be found at:


Please send all feedback/bug reports to

There is now a trac instance setup at This should be used as the primary bug reporting site, and to get the latest version from subversion.

Special note to Knopp Myth Users

nuv2avi may not work "out of the box" on knoppmyth R4V5. Go to the forums on the knoppmyth site and search for the word nuv2avi for a brief post on how to get it working.

BTW, nuv2avi works awesome and is blindingly fast, even on a slow processor and exports great!