OTA Daylight Savings Time Offset Not Honored

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Time.png Outdated: Starting with the 0.26 release, scheduled-program related timestamps are stored in UTC. This page needs review.

Problem: Listings Time is Off

Over The Air recording are off by one hour in listing and schedules two times a year.

After the recent Spring Ahead to Daylight Savings Time all the listing were off by 1 hour.

This can also happen after power outages. The method below will reset listing and upcoming recordings to the correct time.

Quick Fix

Log in to PHPMyAdmin using your browser and go to the mythconverg database

Execute the following SQL

   TRUNCATE TABLE program;

To grab new data OTA (Over The Air) From the command prompt stop the backend

   sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop

Then start myth setup.


Entering setup is not necessary unless other changes are needed (not sure stopping and restarting the backend is necessary either) As soon as the setup displays exit it. Do not run mythfilldatabase. Finally, restart the backend.

   sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start

Even after these steps the data for program listing appears empty only after entering the frontend and choosing Watch TV did the listing start to repopulate.

By the way this seems to fix the scheduled recordings as well.