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EVENT -- MythTV build party in Hawai'i; see Current events for a link. --Baylink 19:58, 5 February 2006 (UTC)

More from Brad -- Turns out that Brad is also a MythTV contributor (which I think I'd known from the mailing list...)" he's written TVWish, which looks like a pretty cool tool for major couch potatos... like my sister.  :-) --Baylink 21:50, 30 January 2006 (UTC)

MythTV Field Report -- Brad Templeton (who is, ironically, one of the Internet's copyright mavens, so clearly if he thinks MythTV is ok... :-) writes about watching last years Super Bowl commercials on his HDTV MythBox. We did that too. It's fun. Makes it easier to blog them, too. He goes into some detail on exactly how the government, at the behest of Hollywood, is trying to make it illegal to build or use a MythBox (and more importantly, to manufacture usable tuner cards). --Baylink 16:41, 29 January 2006 (UTC)

PRESS -- Engadget reports on how to build a "practical HTPC," using MythTV on Gentoo as the platform. Read the full article... --TylerDrake 03:58, 25 January 2006 (UTC)

FEATURE FREEZE -- Isaac announced on the development mailing list today that no further feature patches will be accepted into SVN for the 0.19 version, to be released shortly.

Site Moved -- Well, thanks to Isaac and all the members of the Site Move team, it looks like we're finally in our new digs. If you modified anything on the old wiki in November or December, and we haven't gotten to moving it over here yet, please do. Welcome aboard, and watch the Community Portal for more. --Baylink 00:33, 10 January 2006 (UTC)

PRESS: NewsForge likes Myth.

PRESS: NewsForge can't get enough! Looking at KnoppMyth as well. [[[Druid Fyr]] 20-Jul-2005]

New Release -- MythTV 0.18 is out now; see above. [[[Henk Poley]] 15-Apr-2005]

0.18 is nigh -- Isaac just engaged in the Monthly Patch Festival the other day, committing about 2 dozen patches from the outstanding queue. He said on the mailing list that 0.18 might happen in a couple of weeks, pending one or two critical stability patches. If you have patches on your shelf, let's get them in *now*, instead of waiting until he makes the announcement, like last time. 'k? [ User:Baylink 23-Mar-05]

Plextor PVRs/Linux -- Slashdot covers the release of official Linux support for their new hardware MPEG-1/2/4/MJPEG external video capture compression/tuner box with USB 2.0 interface. I gather TPTB are working on integrating this with Myth; More When I Know More<tm>. [ User:Baylink 9-Mar-05]

Press Coverage -- A fairly nice piece in the San Francisco Bay Guardian talks about the broadcast flag and mentions MythTV. Thanks to Maverick on the mailing list. [ User:Baylink 3-Mar-05]

New Release -- 0.17 is out. The Under Development page has been moved to Whats New, and copied to 0.17 in the Release Notes section. Isaac has linked to Under Development from mythtv.org, so that will remain 0.17 until he changes the link. [ User:Baylink 11-Feb-05]

(Site note: I'd like to thank Brian Le Fevre and the other folks who are doing yeoman duty reverting the spammers who have clearly recently found the site. Bay Link)

MythBlog -- It has managed to escape me that Gavin Hurlbut (Beirdo@IRC) has his own FAQ Wiki, covering topics frequently discussed on IRC, as well as writing a blog concerning his experiences working with Myth. In other news, (I've always wanted to say that :-) Matt Haughey, of Metafilter fame, continues his PVRBlog with coverage of a 10-tuner Snap Stream box built with the new Hauppauge 500 cards. [[[Bay Link]] 10-Feb-2005]

User Manual -- I've added a link, above, to my nascent User Manual project. While it is even more a work in progress than some other things associated with the wiki, and indeed, Myth itself, I think it's just barely fleshed out to the point that it's time to link to it from somewhere more prominent than my User page. All contributions, as always, welcome. [[[Bay Link]] 09-Feb-2005]

German Wiki -- I've felt free to create a german Wiki, since some users expressed the wish to have a German community. Please not that this Wiki doesn't intend to compete with MythTV.info. The site is here . In addition, there is a now a German subforum at mythtvtalk.com. [[[Michael Haas]]]

New York Times MythTV -- The New York Times has an article on Isaac and MythTV. [[[John Sturgeon]] 31-Jan-05] Some MythTV users think that this article is bad publicity for MythTV. If you agree, you probably want to sign this petition [[[Michael Haas]] 01-Feb-05]

[ That is much too polite: the article damned near explicitly lumps MythTV users in with show-sharers. Regardless your opinion on show-sharing, the piece is misleading, and I suggest you sign the petition. Bay Link ]

Slashdot on Linux on PVR's -- The /. story has a bunch of links, so instead of snapping any of them, I'll just link you there. Finally, some new news.  :-) [[[Bay Link]] 12-Jan-05]

CVS Changelog: -- The summary of the changes (so far) in CVS is available in Under Development. This is being updated as new commits are in, but it is not guaranteed to reflect all new features and bugfixes. [[[Tyler Drake]] 28-Nov-04]

Upcoming Hardware: -- pcHDTV has finally started to offer the HD-3000, a US broadcast HDTV/ATSC capture card that is designed to work with Linux. Reports also state the card is already compatible with MythTV. In July of next year a card like this will be illegal to manufacture, as it does *not* support the Broadcast Flag, which allows broadcasters to prevent you from digitally capturing HDTV signals at full resolution. So get them while you can. [UPDATE: Some people have received the cards they ordered; no reports of full success yet. [30-Oct-04]

Updates: -- Welcome aboard and many thanks to nuv2avi developer Gavin Hurlbut for fluffing up our External Links page, and also to Chris Petersen, who wrote MythWeb and nuvexport. [[[Bay Link]] 21-Oct-04]

Outage: The site was inaccessible for a day or so recently, for a couple of different reasons. More details when someone tells me; apologies to both of you regular visitors.  :-) [[[Bay Link]] 29-Sep-04]

Upcoming Hardware: Hauppauge are also reportedly replacing the PVR-250 in PAL areas with the as yet not quite released PVR-150; ivtv reportedly won't work natively with that either. If this is important to you, you ought to politely make this known to Hauppauge. [This item is the personal opinion of Bay Link; don't hold dgreaves or the admin team responsible for it. :-)]

Upcoming Hardware: Hauppauge are reportedly preparing to release a new dual-channel version of their popular PVR-250 MPEG-2 tuner card called the PVR-500; it will have two TV/FM tuners with separate encoders on a single PCI card. It sounds like the standard IVTV drivers will not drive it; we're looking into that. [26-Sep-04]

Upcoming Hardware: ATI has announced a new MPEG encoder chip, slated to show up in several laptops, as well as, presumably, some capture cards. [14-Sep-04]

UK Radio Times Grabber update: According to a posting on the list, there is a new version of the RT grabber in the CVS for xmltv which works with the files RT are now extracting for this purpose. It works, it's polite, it's fast; if you're in RT land, go get it. [22-Sep-04]

Wiki: There's a working RSS feed of changes to the Wiki which uses change comments as articles - I haven't tried it in MythNews yet but it should be fine... :) [Aug-04]

Wiki: I've allowed image uploads and Enabled Access Control - it shouldn't stop anyone editing anything - let me know if it does --David Greaves [Aug-04]

Wiki: For would-be writer/editors, a new Wiki Quick Start has been written, that explains almost everything you need to know about working on the Wiki in one paragraph. [Aug-04]

Bugzilla: A MythTV Bugzilla has been set up. If you have found any bugs, post them there. If you're the coder type, and you're looking for something to do, that's a good place to check, too. [8-Jul-04]