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Old News

Outage: The site was inaccessible for a day or so recently, for a couple of different reasons. More details when someone tells me; apologies to both of you regular visitors.  :-) [[[Bay Link]] 29-Sep-04]

Upcoming Hardware: Hauppauge are also reportedly replacing the PVR-250 in PAL areas with the as yet not quite released PVR-150; ivtv reportedly won't work natively with that either. If this is important to you, you ought to politely make this known to Hauppauge. [This item is the personal opinion of Bay Link; don't hold dgreaves or the admin team responsible for it. :-)]

Upcoming Hardware: Hauppauge are reportedly preparing to release a new dual-channel version of their popular PVR-250 MPEG-2 tuner card called the PVR-500; it will have two TV/FM tuners with separate encoders on a single PCI card. It sounds like the standard IVTV drivers will not drive it; we're looking into that. [26-Sep-04]

Upcoming Hardware: ATI has announced a new MPEG encoder chip, slated to show up in several laptops, as well as, presumably, some capture cards. [14-Sep-04]

UK Radio Times Grabber update: According to a posting on the list, there is a new version of the RT grabber in the CVS for xmltv which works with the files RT are now extracting for this purpose. It works, it's polite, it's fast; if you're in RT land, go get it. [22-Sep-04]

Competitive Press: If you were looking for an excuse to build a Myth Box instead of buying a TiVo or Replay, you might want to check out this article; it talks about their removing functions that you want, and installing ones (like permitting *content creators* to specify expire times for you without your approval) that you don't. [9-Sep-04]

Wiki: There's a working Recent Changes?action=rss_rc RSS feed of changes to the Wiki which uses change comments as articles - I haven't tried it in MythNews yet but it should be fine... :) [Aug-04]

Wiki: I've allowed image uploads and Enabled Access Control - it shouldn't stop anyone editing anything - let me know if it does --David Greaves [Aug-04]

Wiki: For would-be writer/editors, a new Wiki Quick Start has been written, that explains almost everything you need to know about working on the Wiki in one paragraph. [Aug-04]

Bugzilla: A MythTV Bugzilla has been set up. If you have found any bugs, post them there. If you're the coder type, and you're looking for something to do, that's a good place to check, too. [8-Jul-04]