Older OSX Builds

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Most MythTV users with Mac OSX clients or backends prefer version 0.24 or higher, due to the many bugfixes for OSX that were put in place for it.

Builds of MythTV prior to version 0.25 can be found in the following places:

Version Status Download
0.24 Old
0.23-1 Old
0.15 through 0.23-fixes Old

Nigel Pearson can provide a 0.15 or 0.17 binary, if you really need one.

svn Source
  • The Sniderpad.com Frontend and Backend, last updated Aug 21, 2010 with rev 25781 (Intel, PPC)
  • macvana.com FrontEnd, last updated Aug 23, 2010 with rev 25800 (intel)

Newer builds can be found at MythTV_on_Mac_OS_X#Pre-built_Downloads.