One For All URC-6131

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The One For All URC-6131 (and URC-6131nB00) remote is an inexpensive universal remote control that is compatible with the Hauppauge IR Receiver and that can be programmed through key presses to remap buttons. Joe Votour at The Vulture's Nest has a good explanation of how to do this, as well as two nicely commented lirc configuration files ready for use with MythTV.

Vendors Support Website:

Note: This remote works well with the receiver that came with my Hauppauge PVR-350, but does 
not appear to work with my Daewoo CTS2090 TV.  It does look like this device can be programmed 
into the remote using this JP1 file.  Unfortunately, for this remote you have to solder 
the pins and a EEPROM onto the remote for JP1 capability. --Malban
URC 6131
URC 6131nB00