Opensuse 10.2

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openSUSE 10.2

(work in progress. )

openSUSE 10.2 32 and 64 work out the box. Stuff life lirc and ivtv is all there. kernel


We will use YaST to install the MythTV RPMs, and dependencies.

Adding YaST Sources

To add the External YaST Repositories for MythTV, open YaST, go to "Installation Sources" and press Add. There, first select the protocol and, on the next page, enter the server and the directory as listed below.

add pacman as your installation source: [1]

You may also use /usr/bin/installation_sources to add/remove/show repositories from command line.


openSUSE 10.2 ships with ivtv = 0.8.0


openSUSE 10.2 ships with lirc 0.8.0.


openSUSE 10.2 ships with lirc 0.8.0.