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Once MythTV has been setup there are a few options to allow playback of TV recordings from the Windows platform. The most obvious is MythTV itself which runs on Windows in addition to linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX.


  • XBMC Xbox media center is now available on windows, and can play recordings and live tv. Plugin for XBMC is here. Another plugin is here.
  • Boxee - Boxee will play MythTV natively, just add it as a source.

The following require Samba shares setup to view recordings

Samba setup

Note that samba/cifs can be problematic is not recommended, it introduces latency and problems with file attributes. Some libraries used by MythTV cannot even open files on samba shares, e.g. Taglib, tag reading library in mythmusic.

example samba share /etc/samba/smb.conf

       comment = mythtv tv recordings
       path = /video/tvrec

ensure world has read access to files

 chmod +r /video/tvrec