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Once MythTV has been setup there are a few options to allow playback of TV recordings from the Windows platform. The most obvious is MythTV itself which runs on Windows in addition to linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX.


  • MythTv Player - MythTv Player is a free and simple Myth client and player for Windows. This project is dead unless a new developer takes over.
  • XBMC Xbox media center is now available on windows, and can play recordings and live tv. Plugin for XBMC is here. Another plugin is here.
  • Boxee - Boxee will play MythTV natively, just add it as a source.

The following require Samba shares setup to view recordings

Samba setup

example samba share /etc/samba/smb.conf

       comment = mythtv tv recordings
       path = /video/tvrec

ensure world has read access to files

 chmod +r /video/tvrec