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The program table contains show listing information from each of the listing providers contained within the videosource table. mythfilldatabase is responsible for managing the data in this table.

0.20-fixes Version

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
chanid int(10) unsigned PRI 0
starttime datetime PRI 0000-00-00 00:00:00
endtime datetime MUL 0000-00-00 00:00:00
title varchar(128) MUL
subtitle varchar(128)
description text
category varchar(64)
category_type varchar(64)
airdate year(4) 0000
stars float 0
previouslyshown tinyint(4) 0
title_pronounce varchar(128) MUL
stereo tinyint(1) 0
subtitled tinyint(1) 0
hdtv tinyint(1) 0
closecaptioned tinyint(1) 0
partnumber int(11) 0
parttotal int(11) 0
seriesid varchar(12) MUL
originalairdate date YES NULL
showtype varchar(30)
colorcode varchar(20)
syndicatedepisodenumber varchar(20)
programid varchar(20) MUL
manualid int(10) unsigned PRI 0
generic tinyint(1) YES 0
listingsource int(11) 0
first tinyint(1) 0
last tinyint(1) 0