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projectM is an awesome music visualizer which boasts its amazingness.

Installing projectM visualizations

MythMusic requires libvisual to install the projectM visualization library.

According to the README they require cmake to build. After attempting to compile, and failing, I also found I needed FTGL and glew. Using Fedora, I just installed the packages...

# yum install cmake ftgl-devel glew-devel

Obtain libprojectM and projectM-libvisual from sourceforge and extract libprojectM, then build and install the libraries...

# tar jxvf libprojectM-1.01.tar.bz2
# cd libprojectM-1.01
# cmake .
# make
# make install
# ldconfig
# cd ..
# tar jxvf projectM-libvisual-1.0.tar.bz2
# cd projectM-libvisual-1.0
# make
# make install
# ldconfig

Restart mythfrontend and navigate to Utilities/Setup > Setup > Media Settings > Music Settings > Player Settings page 3 and select Edit Visualizations and make sure projectM/LibVisual is in the list of Selected Visualizations.

projectM - LibVisual not showing up

When I went through all of that on my mac, it wasn't listed so I made sure I had libvisual compiled into my MythMusic...

# cd /usr/src/mythplugins
# make clean
# ./configure --disable-all --enable-mythmusic --enable-fftw --enable-sdl \
--enable-aac --enable-libvisual --enable-opengl 
# make
# make install

Same results, but now I was sure it wasn't mythmusic's fault. Then after I did that I realized I forgot to run make install in the projectM-libvisual-1.0 directory so the library wasn't installed when I ran ldconfig. Restarted mythfrontend and then there it was. Thought I might as well leave this here for anyone who was having further issues.

Crash mythfrontend when running

Now that I've got it all installed and I try to switch to projectM for my visualization, it crashed. Running in a console I got the messages:

trying to create ~/.projectM/config.inp
Cannot find projectM default config, using implementation defaults

Kinda makes sense, we need to configure projectM and it seems to be unable to do it by itself. It looks like ~/.projectM/config.inp was created but it's empty and it seems that /share isn't where it should have been looking, the installation put it in /usr/local/share so we'll symlink the two to see if that solves our problem...

# cd /share
# ln -s /usr/local/share/projectM

Excellent, it doesn't crash now... but nothing happens in the visualization window and it seems to make mythmusic unresponsive. The pursuit of cool visualizations has taken us this far, so let us not give up so soon.