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QT is a GUI software development toolkit used by MythTV as a framework for development.

Prior to version 0.22, MythTV was built using QT3. 0.22 will require QT version 4.3 as a minimum.

Most Linux distributions include a package manager, like yum which can install these libraries, and for those that compile from source, the development libraries. A typical command might be

yum install qt4 qt4-devel

Please refer to your OS specific instructions for installing packages or you can get it direct from the source

Isaac offers these suggestions on the mythtv-dev mailing list for those updating

A few tips for those updating:

- make sure you have the qt4 mysql library installed.

- do a distclean first, then remove any stray Makefiles that didn't get
removed by the distclean.  It may use the wrong qmake (ie, qt3's qmake)
otherwise.  I just did a 'find . -name "Makefile" -exec rm -f {} \;' from the
top level checkout dirs to fix this.

- The database updates will take a couple minutes to churn through and convert
the DB over to the new format.