RadioShack 15-2116 Universal Remote

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RadioShack 15-2116 Universal Remote

The RadioShack 15-2116 8-IN-ONE Universal Remote Control


The RadioShack 15-2116 remote is one of many JP1 universal remotes. This model has been discontinued.

Known Issues

Associated Software

How to Program the buttons

  1. Press the device button you've programmed for VCR 0081 (this example assumes "AUX")
  2. Press and hold the "P" key at the top left of the remote, until the LCD changes to read "CODE SET"
  3. Down-arrow seven times, or until the LCD reads "KEYMOVER"
  4. Press "SELECT" and the LCD should read "FROM MODE"
  5. Press "AUX" and the LCD should now read "FROM KEY"
  6. Now tap (don't hold) the "P" key, after which the LCD should read "SYNT"
  7. At this point, you should be able to enter the desired 3-digit EFC, followed by the "SELECT" key
  8. The LCD will read "TO MODE", so press "AUX" again
  9. The LCD will read "TO KEY", so press the key you want that code mapped to
  10. The LCD should briefly read "SUCCESS", then "EXIT SETUP", and you've got the key programmed. Rinse and repeat for all the keys you want to program.
EFC Destination Key
108 INFO
113 PIP
145 SWAP
076 MUTE
236 MOVE
210 +100
142 LEFT


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