RadioShack 15-2146 Universal Remote

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The Radioshack 6-in-1 Easy Setup Voice Remote may or may not be a JP1 capable remote, as it has a header hidden inside the battery compartment, but no one reports success with a JP1 cable.

The problem with it is that none of the preprogrammed device codes for it use all of the remote's available buttons, and even the ones that use most of the buttons end up having multiple buttons that send the same code (such as Page+ and Channel+). There is a method to easily reassign these buttons to advanced hidden codes just as for JP1 remotes, although the method differs slightly. No cable is required for this!

Reassigning remote buttons

Set the device key to a VCR (if it's not set already) and to code 0081.

In this default configuration, the following buttons send duplicate signals:
Up (arrow) and Channel+
Down and Channel-
Menu and Guide
Ok and Enter

These buttons are unassigned:

For each button you want to reassign, do the following:
1. Press the device key for the VCR 0081 device.
2. Hold down the Setup button until the voice prompt starts to enter the setup menu.
3. Press 994. The light on the remote will blink twice.
4. Press Setup (just once, don't hold it down this time).
5. Enter the 5 digit advanced button code (see below).
6. Press the button you want to assign it to. The remote will blink twice and say "Success! Goodbye."

Here is a partial list of advanced codes that can be used that will result in unique codes being sent to lirc:
00224, 00192, 00171, 00203, 00110, 00142, 00143, 00111, 00074, 00069, 00136, 00072, 00040, 00100

More codes are available at but you have to preface each of these with 00, and some of those codes may send the same signal as others.

Also, if you already have a device that responds to VCR 0081 codes, you can use one of the other devices at The VCR 0081 codes are probably the best for sheer number of extra codes, and because lirc seems to handle RC5 remote signals better.


Later I will post my lircd.conf (along with the particular new button assignments) so people don't have to go through irrecord manually.