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Dbrandsen October 2010 - channels I found from a recent scan. I have TWC digital service. I am also able to receive 0 thru 74 via an analog card I have installed in addition to the digital card.

TWC's DVR box (going away soon) diagnostic tool showed other channels that were encrypted. There is currently no way to decrypt these other channels with MythTV.

My tuners:

  • Hauppauge HVR2250 (dual digital tuner)
  • Hauppauge HVR1600 (digital/analog tuners)

My channels.conf (un-encrypted channels)

WLFL HD:543000000:QAM_256:33:34:1
WRDC HD:543000000:QAM_256:49:50:2
WRAL 2:591000000:QAM_256:49:52:3
WRAL HD:591000000:QAM_256:33:36:2
UNC MX:621000000:QAM_256:65:68:4
UNC EX:621000000:QAM_256:81:84:5
UNC TV SD:621000000:QAM_256:33:34:1
WTVD HD:633000000:QAM_256:49:52:1
WRAZ SD:633000000:QAM_256:83:85:5
WTVD D3:633000000:QAM_256:81:84:3
WRAZ HD:633000000:QAM_256:67:69:4
WTVD D2:633000000:QAM_256:65:68:2