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Important.png Note: The correct title of this article is record table. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.

The record table contains the list of recording rules that have been created. The scheduler uses this information to determine which shows in the program table should be recorded and on what video capture card (listed in the capturecard table).

The table is fairly self-explanatory, except for the type column, which is documented in enum RecordingType in the file libs/libmyth/recordingtypes.h.

The current values:

kNotRecording 0
kSingleRecord 1
kTimeslotRecord 2
kChannelRecord 3
kAllRecord 4
kWeekslotRecord 5
kFindOneRecord 6
kOverrideRecord 7
kDontRecord 8
kFindDailyRecord 9
kFindWeeklyRecord 10

The findid is produced by calculating this: (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(program.starttime)/60/60/24)+719528

Table Description

Field name Type Null Key Default Extras Schema-Version
recordid int(10) unsigned PRI NULL
type int(10) unsigned MUL 0
chanid int(10) unsigned YES MUL NULL REFERENCES channel(chanid)
starttime time 00:00:00
startdate date 0000-00-00
endtime time 00:00:00
enddate date 0000-00-00
title varchar(128) MUL
subtitle varchar(128)
description varchar(16000)
season smallint(5) +1278
episode smallint(5) +1278
category varchar(64)
profile varchar(128) Default REFERENCES recordingprofiles(name)
recpriority int(10) 0
autoexpire int(11) 0
maxepisodes int(11) MUL 0
maxnewest int(11) 0
startoffset int(11) 0
endoffset int(11) 0
recgroup varchar(32) Default REFERENCES recgrouppassword(recgroup)
dupmethod int(11) 6
dupin int(11) 15
station varchar(20)
seriesid varchar(64) YES MUL NULL
programid varchar(64) YES MUL NULL
inetref varchar(40) +1278
search int(10) unsigned MUL 0
autotranscode tinyint(1) 0
autocommflag tinyint(1) 0
autouserjob1 tinyint(1) 0
autouserjob2 tinyint(1) 0
autouserjob3 tinyint(1) 0
autouserjob4 tinyint(1) 0
autometadata tinyint(1) 0 +1278
findday tinyint(4) 0
findtime time 00:00:00
findid int(11) 0
inactive tinyint(1) 0
parentid int(11) 0
transcoder int(11) 0
playgroup varchar(32) Default REFERENCES playgroup(name)
prefinput int(10) 0 REFERENCED cardinput(cardinputid)
next_record datetime NULL
last_record datetime NULL
last_delete datetime NULL
storagegroup varchar(32) Default REFERENCES storagegroup(groupname)
avg_delay int(11) 100
filter int(10) unsigned 0 REFERENCES recordfilter(filterid) +1277