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Recording Groups

Recording Groups allow programs to be separated into user-defined categories, such as "Kids", "Alice", "Bob", etc. This can be used to reduce clutter, or to segregate content if PIN protection function is used.

In the 'Watch Recordings' Screen

  • Press the 'M' (menu) key to change the view or to set a group password
  • Press the 'I' (info) key to move a program from one Recording Group to another

To make a new Recording Group

Highlight a recording in the Watch Recordings screen. Press 'info' (the 'I' key) and select 'Storage Options'. A new submenu will be displayed - the default entry should be 'Change Recording Group'. To make a new entry in the list, highlight the text entry box (just above the 'OK' button) and enter a name for the new group. Highlight and click 'OK' to move the selected recording to the new Recording Group.

To move multiple recordings to a Recording Group

Add a the desired recordings to a playlist, either by pressing Menu while a whole group is selected (to add the whole group) - or else by selecting a number of recordings in turn and pressing Info before selecting 'Add to playlist'. When the list of recordings to move has been added to the playlist, press Menu, enter 'Playlist options' and opt to 'Change Recording Group' from there.

To view Recording Groups in 'Watch Recordings'

Enter the 'Watch Recordings' screen. Press M (Menu) to bring up the 'Recording List Menu' popup. Select 'Change Group View' and cycle through the available options. Options pertinent to Recording Groups are as follows:

  • Show Titles, Categories, and Recording Groups
  • Show Titles and Recording Groups
  • Show Categories and Recording Groups, and finally
  • Show Recording Groups only

See also Storage Groups and Playback Groups