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* Numerous changes and additional command-line options.  See [http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/8592 changeset 8592] for specific details
* Numerous changes and additional command-line options.  See [http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/8592 changeset 8592] for specific details
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The official announcement for 0.19 is here. It has all the download links and information about the official release.

This is a summary of changes from 0.18 to 0.19 generated from fixed tickets in the bug tracking system. The 0.19 release tagging was SVN changeset 8925.

The major changes in this release are:

  • LiveTV rewritten to support saving buffered content while watching
  • Signal Monitoring for DVB and pcHDTV recorders
  • Ending times may be changed while recordings are in progress
  • Playgroups allow for default playback options on recordings. See important note below
  • Channel changes can be made across tuners without changing tuners manually first
  • New popup keyboard simplifies setup using remote
  • Preview schedule changes when making adjustments to recording schedules
  • Added ability to control MythFrontend through a telnet socket
  • Closed captioning support on PVR-250/350 (but not 150/500) cards, DVB subtitles, and other cards supporting VBI information.
  • New theme (MythCenter), new plugin (MythFlix), and new contributed programs (mythlcdserver, mythwelcome)
  • Signficantly overhauled MythWeb, please read the README for details and installation instructions
  • Added a basic internal DVD player, removing the need to use Xine or Mplayer
  • mythfilldatabase (and specifically the North American listings grabber which retrieves data from DataDirect) has been modified to respect Zap2It Labs' 'recommended download hour' suggestion to reduce the load on Z2L's servers

Read on below for all the details.

It is highly recommended if you are using the Nvidia binary VGA drivers that you use version 7676 or earlier as later revisions have serious problems with features like XvMC and OpenGL sync which can result in poor performance or lockups. (If you're running a version older than 7676 which provides all the features you need, you need not upgrade.)


New Features

  • Major LiveTV changes - LiveTV is now treated more like a normal recording in that you can press "R" while watching LiveTV and everything you've seen since you switched to that channel will become a stored, named, recorded program. LiveTV recordings are placed into a separate LiveTV recording group and hidden from view by default. You can enable viewing of these recordings if you desire. LiveTV recordings are expired before any other content.
  • Auto-expire is forced on for all systems because of the LiveTV changes. This would be a good time to confirm your expiration settings are appropriate for your system. If you use your partition for other content, leave yourself a buffer large enough to handle your needs. Adjust the auto-expiration timer to ensure that programs are expired as needed to free space. Check your recording schedules and existing programs to be sure their auto-expiration setting is correct.
  • Recording ending times may be changed while recordings are in progress
  • Recordings in progress on a slave backend will be discovered if the master restarts and the master can restart a recording on another card if a slave fails during a recording
  • Added playgroups which allow default playback options (timestretch, skip and jump intervals) to be set on a per recording schedule basis.
    Important: The new default playback group does not inherit the skip settings previously configured in mythfrontend. Please visit the Playback group configuration screen to reset your defaults to the expected behavior.
  • Added support for changing channels across tuners during LiveTV without having to change tuners manually first.
  • The Program Details page is now scrollable and includes more details from the listings and more MythTV specific information about the show
  • Added popup keyboard in text boxes
  • Schedule changes can be previewed when modifying recording schedules to see the results of changes before saving them
  • Added ability to control MythTV by telnetting to a TCP port on the front end and typing text commands. See Ticket 1092 for details.
  • Filename changes. Recordings are now saved without their ending times as part of the filename and MPEG-2 recordings will have an .mpg extension instead of .nuv like MPEG-4 or RTJPEG recordings.
  • Sending SIGHUP to the backend will rotate log files
  • Added support for importing channels.conf for DVB and ATSC cards
  • Added option to select audio track or subtitle track from OSD during playback
  • Added support for DTS pass-through audio
  • Added support to auto-disable AC3 passthrough during timestretch
  • Added TOGGLESTRETCH keybinding to toggle between normal and last timestretch value. Bind this to a key of your choosing
  • Added new auto-expire policy to expire by lowest priority first
  • Added support for additional PAL types (BG, DK, I, 60)
  • Added support for scanning non-DVB/non-ATSC DTV channels
  • Added signal monitoring support. Pressing F7 turns off Live TV and displays a signal-lock OSD allowing adjustment of antennas.
  • Added firewire and external channel changing support for SA3250HD
  • Added configurable timeouts for tuner cards
  • Added dialog to prompt user when tuning fails
  • Improved channel scanning including using extended channel descriptions when available
  • Added option to display a prompt for an initial filter when entering Watch Recordings
  • Allows for browse mode channel changing in PIP window
  • Improved lists when sorting by title. This allows for better display of status of recordings when viewing lists of titles.
  • Improved scheduling when recording rules overlap
  • New recording status "Not Listed" to display single or override rules that will not record because the TV listings have changed
  • New recording status "Aborted" to inform the user and allow re-recording when a recording has failed
  • Record statuses are now included on the Previously Recorded page
  • Video sources can now be named, so something other than "Tuner X" can be displayed during operations
  • Added Closed Caption decoding for PVR-250/350 ivtv cards (PVR-150/500 not supported).


  • Fixed XvMC playback on Unichrome Pro chipsets
  • Fixed XvMC FF/RW > x3
  • Clear playback box properly when no recordings are present
  • Improved start channel detection when channels go off air
  • Fixed segfault when attempting to skip commercials in LiveTV
  • Fixed memory leak in backend XML status generation
  • Fixed resizing of PIP window based on current content
  • Fixed problem with timestretch not resetting when playback catches up with realtime
  • Fixed problem where recordings could be auto-expired when in use (playback, recording, etc.)
  • Finetuning changed from Hz to kHz for better adjustment
  • Update metadata of existing recordings when recording schedule is changed
  • Improved logging of results from transcoding
  • Fixed problem with multiple screen support
  • Preview pixmaps are now generated when the recording completes and after commercial flagging by the backend.
  • Various watch recording performance improvements including fix to prevent frontend from flooding backend with requests to update preview pixmap.
  • Prevent display of unnecessary options in recording profiles for cards that do not need certain features
  • Honor the "Newest Recordings First" flag when sorting recordings by airdate, etc.
  • Fixed keyframe editing on HDTV recordings
  • Fixed OpenGL V-sync on multiple screen configurations
  • Fixed libmpeg2 thumbnail generation
  • Fixed main window display on OSX frontend when video is displayed outside of main window (desktop, dock, etc.)
  • Allow channels to have duplicate xmltvid
  • Improved close captioning display support
  • Fixed problem with auto-skipping commercials after a user action by not skipping if within two seconds of a manual skip or rewind/fast forward.
  • Improved commercial detection (see mythcommflag below)
  • Fixed xbox deadlock when querying for dead mythbackend
  • Fixed segfault on Machine Status page
  • Fixed sorting in Watch Recordings to be case insensitive
  • Fixed display in menus of non-existent plugins
  • Fixed deadlock in VBI decoding
  • Improved performance in playback, especially related to OSX frontends

Miscellaneous changes

  • Translation updates
  • Added additional processors to configure script
  • Browse mode is now the default for LiveTV viewing
  • Playback method (standard, XvMC, libmpeg, etc.) uses a combo box for selection


  • Added MythCenter theme


  • Added signal and PSIP table monitoring
    • Always used when tuning to a new channel
    • Can be started in 'Antenna Adjust Mode' by pressing F7 when in LiveTV
  • Added support for EIA-608 captions in ATSC streams
  • Added support for importing channels.conf for ATSC cards when using DVB drivers


  • Added signal, PAT, PMT monitoring
    • Always used when tuning to a new channel
    • Can be started in 'Antenna Adjust Mode' by pressing F7 when in LiveTV
  • Added support for DVB subtitles (image based)
  • Added slow channel scan option for certain cards
  • Added support for importing channels.conf for DVB cards
  • Improved tuning speed
  • Fixed indexing problem in NIT scans
  • Fixed tuner switching with multiple DVB cards in LiveTV
  • Fixed setup issue on new cards performing initial scans
  • Removed broken PS format option in the settings (was deprecated in 0.18)

EIT (Guide data when using DVB drivers)

  • Added active EIT scanning (channel crawl)
  • Added support for EIT current/next information
  • Added EIT scanning to default compile
  • Added EIT only video source
  • Added checkbox for enabling/disabling EIT scanning on a video source
  • Improved passive EIT scanning
  • Improved EIT title and subtitle handling
  • Fixed index out of range error in EIT scanning
  • Fixed EIT scanning inserting program descriptions in wrong language
  • Fixed multiple segfaults and memory leaks in EIT scan


The following changes have been made to various MythTV plugins


  • Additional translations
  • Increased maximum scroll speed in settings


  • User notified if invalid keys are used
  • Fixed focus issue with informational popup


  • Added full ISO rip option
  • Additional translations
  • Fixed segfault in MTD
  • Added basic internal DVD player
  • Improved seeking with internal DVD player
  • Fixed various issues with internal DVD playback


  • New plugin. Allows management of your Netflix queue from within Myth. Please read the README in the plugin folder for instructions on how to configure this plugin to work properly with your Netflix account.


  • Fixed problem with thumbnail generation of movies
  • Fixed problem with media with spaces in name
  • Additional translations
  • New zooming blend transition


  • Moved Favorite branch to top of tree for faster loading
  • Complete other way of Integrating Emulators, it is much more flexible and allows the user to add own Emulators and or PC Games
  • No longer tied to specific versions of any particular emulator.
  • Added new support for using romDB to get Metadata for a much larger range of roms.
  • Speed improvements when scanning in a large collection of roms.


  • Names unknown tracks using "Track #" format
  • Better error handling when reading ID3 data
  • Fixed display routines updating screen properly during tree navigation
  • Fixed ID3 tag updating
  • LCD displays busy indicator during long operations
  • Additional information displayed on LCD
  • Search terms are highlighted in results
  • Fixed problem with deselecting playlists
  • Added option to only rip new tracks from Audio CDs
  • Fixed problem where rating was cleared when scanning for new music


  • Fixed segfault when exiting


  • Added support for DVD subfolders when scanning for content
  • Fixed problem where title was not updated after edit
  • Fixed sql error when using Internal video player
  • Fixed crash in gallery mode
  • Fixed index error in file browse mode which would show wrong information
  • Fixed "File to Play Next" feature
  • Added option to not load MetaData when loading VideoList. Can improve load times on a large collection.


  • Added new weather type, Rain/Snow


  • MythWeb underwent a fairly major overhaul. Please read the README carefully when upgrading as it explains many of the changes and how to properly configure your web server to run this application. If you're having problems, see this thread from the mailing list.

Utility applications


  • Fixed various segfaults with mythcommflag
  • Fixed bug in format detection using aspect ratio instead
  • Fixed bug where rebuild seek table only worked for initial build, never for rebuilds
  • Improved format detection
  • Takes scheduled start/end times into account when detecting format and logos
  • Fixed problem with creating pop-up in non-GUI mode


  • Fixed segfault when mythfilldatabase is running and mythbackend is not
  • Fixed bug where mythfilldatabase was calling DataDirect routines even when using a grabber
  • Uses refresh_all for Swedish grabber
  • Mythfilldatabase can now honor the data provider's next suggested download time if you are using the DataDirect grabber.
  • Added a "--max-days <number>" option to specify the maximum number of days mythfilldatabase will update. Note: --max-days 1 will just update the current day.


  • New program to handle LCD interaction in MythTV


  • Brand new mpeg2 lossless transcoder with frame-accurate cutlist removal
  • Fixed various segfaults with mythtranscode


  • New program that displays a myth themed dialog which shows a welcome/status information screen that is designed to be shown whenever the frontend is not running i.e. when the computer has been started to record a program or is waiting for the backend to shut things down. The screen shows a status message line that indicates what the backend is currently doing eg idle, recording, comm flagging, transcoding etc. Also shows what programs are currently being recorded if any and what the next scheduled recording is. There is also a "Start MythTV Frontend" push button to start the frontend.


  • Improved usability with --logfile and --phonebook options


  • Numerous changes and additional command-line options. See changeset 8592 for specific details