Release Notes - 0.19

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This is a summary of changes from 0.18 to 0.19 generated from fixed tickets in the bug tracking system



  • Fix indexing problem in NIT scans
  • Add slow scan option for certain cards
  • Fix index out of range error in EIT scanning
  • Fixes EIT scanning inserting program descriptions related to language settings
  • Improved tuning speed
  • Fix tuner switching with multiple DVB cards in LiveTV
  • Fix setup issue on new cards performing initial scans



  • Additional translations
  • Increased maximum scroll speed in settings


  • User notified if invalid keys are used
  • Fixed focus issue with informational popup


  • Added full ISO rip option
  • Additional translations
  • Fixed segfault in MTD
  • Improved seeking with internal DVD player
  • Fixed various issues with internal DVD playback


  • New plugin. Allows management of your Netflix queue from within Myth. Please read the README in the plugin folder for instructions on how to configure this plugin to work properly with your Netflix account.


  • Fixed problem with thumbnail generation of movies
  • Fixed problem with media with spaces in name
  • Additional translations
  • New zooming blend transition


  • Moved Favorite branch to top of tree for faster loading
  • Complete other way of Intergrating Emulators, it is much more flexible and allow the user to add own Emulators.


  • Names unknown tracks using "Track #" format
  • Better error handling when reading ID3 data
  • Fixed display routines updating screen properly during tree navigation
  • Fixed ID3 tag updating
  • LCD displays busy indicator during long operations
  • Additional information displayed on LCD
  • Search terms are highlighted in results
  • Fixed problem with deselecting playlists
  • Added option to only rip new tracks from Audio CDs
  • Fixed problem where rating was cleared when scanning for new music


  • Fixed segfault when exiting