Release Notes - 0.19.1

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The follow fixes have been applied to the release-0-19-fixes branch destined for a 0.19.1 release. These are changes since the 0.19 release.

Updated through revision 9467

  • Added OSD image cache which improves channel changing speed degraded in 0.19
  • Fixed playback of remote files so they can be read locally if available
  • Fixed JobQueue bug that would allow jobs to run simultaneously when they should have been run sequentially
  • Fixed OSD disappearing problem
  • Fixed commercial skip while a recording is in progress
  • Fixed segfault in Edit Keys
  • Disable pop-up keyboard on password dialog boxes
  • Fixed program transition in LiveTV watching
  • Fixed PVR-350 volume control
  • mythtranscode fix to allow compilation on systems that do not have soundcard.h
  • Fixed group filter popup appearing when no recordings were present in the default group even when this settings was disabled.
  • Fixed MythWeather radar images by parsing number of images from source site instead of assuming 6 are available
  • Fixed MythWeather forecast showing wrong day information
  • Fixed mythcommflag --all --queue command-line option to queue up commercial skip jobs for all programs
  • Fixed occasional timeouts with ivtv drivers by reopening device on error
  • Fixed viewing of recording groups that begin or end with a space
  • Fixed database timeout and disconnect problem in scheduler
  • Fixed MySQL 5.x JOINs in search rules
  • Fixed a mythtranscode problem with cutlist processing during mpeg2<->mpeg2 transcoding
  • Fixed GCC 4.1 compilation
  • Fixed frequency tables which should provide faster channel scans for ATSC QAM
  • Fixed discrepency between dvbscan and mythtv wrt channels.conf for QPSK modulated signals.
  • Fixed database logging dropping details on repeated messages
  • Fixed conflict between phone entry and pop-up keyboard
  • Fixed network control seeking on recordings greater than 1 hour
  • Fixed realtime commercial flagging to update player with seektable to ensure commercials found can be skipped while program is in progress
  • Fixed auto-expiration problem when disk space check returns 0
  • Updated Slashdot URL in MythNews
  • Fixed skip positioning and progress bar for PVR-350 PAL output


  • Various small fixes for MythWeb, including an addendum to the README about AllowOverride settings.
  • Fixed some programs, mostly EIT inserted information, always showing as previously recorded
  • Fixed upcoming recordings page hiding in progress recordings when deactivated shows were filtered
  • Fixed bad link in TV detail page
  • Fixed backend log display not showing newest entry
  • Fixed music module not showing icons for other modules
  • Better IE digest support