Release Notes - 0.19.1

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The following fixes have been applied to the release-0-19-fixes branch destined for a 0.19.1 release. These are changes since the 0.19 release. No official 0.19.1 release was ever made, though many packagers were using the -fixes branch. 0.20 having been released, this page is now only of historical interest, and has been locked.

Updated through revision 10979

  • Added OSD image cache which improves channel changing speed degraded in 0.19
  • Fixed playback of remote files so they can be read locally if available
  • Fixed JobQueue bug that would allow jobs to run simultaneously when they should have been run sequentially
  • Fixed OSD disappearing problem
  • Fixed commercial skip while a recording is in progress
  • Fixed segfault in Edit Keys
  • Disable pop-up keyboard on password dialog boxes
  • Fixed program transition in LiveTV watching
  • Fixed PVR-350 volume control
  • mythtranscode fix to allow compilation on systems that do not have soundcard.h
  • Fixed group filter popup appearing when no recordings were present in the default group even when this settings was disabled.
  • Fixed MythWeather radar images by parsing number of images from source site instead of assuming 6 are available
  • Fixed MythWeather forecast showing wrong day information
  • Fixed mythcommflag --all --queue command-line option to queue up commercial skip jobs for all programs
  • Fixed occasional timeouts with ivtv drivers by reopening device on error
  • Fixed viewing of recording groups that begin or end with a space
  • Fixed database timeout and disconnect problem in scheduler
  • Fixed MySQL 5.x JOINs in search rules
  • Fixed a mythtranscode problem with cutlist processing during mpeg2<->mpeg2 transcoding
  • Fixed GCC 4.1 compilation
  • Fixed frequency tables which should provide faster channel scans for ATSC QAM
  • Fixed discrepency between dvbscan and mythtv wrt channels.conf for QPSK modulated signals.
  • Fixed database logging dropping details on repeated messages
  • Fixed conflict between phone entry and pop-up keyboard
  • Fixed network control seeking on recordings greater than 1 hour
  • Fixed realtime commercial flagging to update player with seektable to ensure commercials found can be skipped while program is in progress
  • Fixed auto-expiration problem when disk space check returns 0
  • Updated Slashdot URL in MythNews
  • Fixed skip positioning and progress bar for PVR-350 PAL output
  • Fixed avcodec open/close race condition
  • Fixed preview video chroma problem
  • Don't bail out of mythfilldatabase when we fail to retrieve some data. This causes issues for people who have multiple sources and an error occurs with one source. The scheduler would not get triggered and other data fixups would not occur because mythfilldatabase would exit if we had any errors at all.
  • Added IRC frequency table support
  • Added limit to the number of times we try to generate the preview image.
  • Fixed focus issue when the "No recorder" dialog box is presented
  • Fixed focus issue with channel change in EPG in LiveTV to an unavailable tuner
  • Fixed endianness issues
  • Fixed the handling of short reads when reading transport streams from a device
  • Fixed bug when adjusting audio timestretch while playback is paused
  • Fixed the query for DiSEqC params so that it work with multiple DiSEqC cards
  • Clear subtitles on stream changes
  • Fixed xmltvid insertion in manual mythfilldatabase channel insertion mode
  • Fixed crash on uninitialized OSD cache pointer
  • Allow 8 DVB devices rather than 4
  • Improved DVB tuning times
  • Fixed XvMC running out of frames and XvMC rendering pause frames
  • Reworked video buffer locking to avoid two display and decoding thread from accessing buffer dequeques at the same time when tracking inter-frame dependencies
  • Fixed off-by-one error preventing QAM-64 frequency tables from being generated


  • Various small fixes for MythWeb, including an addendum to the README about AllowOverride settings.
  • Fixed some programs, mostly EIT inserted information, always showing as previously recorded
  • Fixed upcoming recordings page hiding in progress recordings when deactivated shows were filtered
  • Fixed bad link in TV detail page
  • Fixed backend log display not showing newest entry
  • Fixed music module not showing icons for other modules
  • Better IE digest support
  • Fixed typo in gmp_add
  • Fixed session timeout
  • Fixed cookie timeouts