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=== [[mythshutdown]] ===
=== [[mythshutdown]] ===
* mythshutdown will now only reboot when the 'nvram-wakeup Restart Command' has been set. If you don't
* mythshutdown will now only reboot when the 'nvram-wakeup Restart Command' has been set. If you don't want or require a reboot after setting the next wake up time in the bios leave this setting blank.
want or require a reboot after setting the next wake up time in the bios leave this setting blank.
=== [[mythtranscode]] ===
=== [[mythtranscode]] ===

Revision as of 05:52, 29 August 2006

These are the changes in the current development version of MythTV from the 0.19 release. Currently these features are slated for the 0.20 release, for which a feature freeze was declared on Thu, 24 Aug 2006. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, will likely appear in a 0.19.1 release.

As always, these features are available in the Subversion system but be prepared if you plan to run this version and subscribe to the -dev and -commit mailing lists to keep up to date on development.

Updated through revision 10979

Major changes

  • Menus are now drawn by MythUI using OpenGL. This option can be enabled/disabled in the Appearance settings.
  • Improved internal DVD player - now supporting menus and other missing features
  • Added MHEG content implementation (Interactive TV in UK)
  • Added Hotplug support for removable media in Media Monitor and MythGallery
  • Added support for the HDHomeRun encoding device
  • Added support for basic FreeBox recorders
  • Added support for H.264 (aka MPEG-4 AVC) TS decoding
  • Added an MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4-AVC IP network recorder
  • Added internal UPnP support for TV and Music
  • Added experimental second commercial detector
  • New socket class for backend communications
  • OSD image cache which improves channel changing speed
  • Fixed program transition while Watching LiveTV
  • Added beginnings of firewire capture support for MacOS
  • Support for DVB radio channels and guide data collected via EIT for them
  • Added mouse support in menus, including gestures


New Features

  • Menus are now drawn by MythUI using OpenGL. This option can be enabled/disabled in the Appearance settings
  • Improved internal DVD player now supporting menus and other missing features
  • Added MHEG implementation (Interactive TV in UK)
  • Added Hotplug support. Please see changeset 9365 for details and link to original ticket with instructions.
  • Added mouse support in menus, including gestures
  • Added support for the HDHomeRun encoding device including channel scanning, passive EIT data collection, PID filter tracking,
  • Added support for H.264 (aka MPEG-4 AVC) TS decoding
  • Added an MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4-AVC IP network recorder. There are instructions in crcipnetworkrecorder.cpp on how to broadcast your own channel using vlc.
  • Added internal UPnP support for TV and Music. Please see changeset 10118 for more details.
  • New socket class for backend communications
  • Added support for basic FreeBox recorders. Please see changeset 10265 for more details. This also works with any RTSP broadcasted TS MPEG-2 stream. Refer to ticket 1702 for details.
  • Added experimental second commercial detector. Please see User:Rtsai1111 for complete details and instructions on usage.
  • Added external subtitle file support for internal video player
  • Implemented MHEG video resizing functionality
  • Added temperature sensors information to system status screen
  • Added Perl bindings for interfacing with MythTV
  • Automatic detection of interlaced/deinterlaced content
  • Added preliminary support for EIA-708 close captions
  • Added support for using both digital and analog portions of pcHDTV cards and DViCO cards.
  • Added new Auto Expiration method to expire by oldest priority and oldest start time. Please see changeset 9038 for more details
  • Watch Recordings screen:
    • Added option to sort titles by recording priority.
    • Added Stereo, CC, and HD indicators for each recording.
  • Support audio cards that do not provide MASTER/PCM like M-Audio Revolution 7.1
  • Added a --nohousekeeper command-line option to mythbackend to disable the housekeeping thread
  • Allow ability to customize command-lines for transcoding and commercial flagging jobs
  • Added ability to create a cutpoint close to another cutpoint when editing a recording
  • Added Maximum Commercial Skip setting that limits how far a manual commercial skip can jump. Pressing skip a second time for longer jumps will allow the jump to occur.
  • Added offline recording status to show when a recording was missed due to all available tuners for that showing being offline
  • Individual settings can be overwritten on the command-line when starting mythfrontend. Refer to changeset 9158 for more details.
  • Allow the -O/--override-setting command to work for MythContext::GetSettingOnHost(). You can use "-O 'hostname setting'=value"
  • Added bookmarking support for LiveTV recordings
  • Added support for a null DataDirect source for non-DataDirect inputs like those for use as a manual record source
  • Optimized PES packet processing
  • Set default log level on status screen to 5 as it is the level that typically shows some information
  • Improved auto-expiration logging to log the reason a show was auto-expired normally instead of only with -v file.
  • Added option in setup to only delete capture cards on this host
  • Improved XDS decoding
  • Added per-channel DataDirect offset for channels received from a different timezone in a single lineup
  • Added database only setting for using XvMC playback for HD recordings only. Set the UseXvMCForHDOnly setting to use.
  • Added channel editor from the OSD which allows configuration of channel properties on the frontend, useful when cleaning up a QAM channel scan.
  • Improved QAM channel scanner. Please see changeset 9627 for full details. The channel.conf importer is also disabled in favor of this scanner.
  • Added default wide theme and MythCenter wide theme
  • Added OnAir recording profile option. See changest 9638 for full details.
  • Added option to boost priority of HD programs so that they will record first on a digital input leaving SD programs on analog inputs
  • Added the ability to choose the transcoding profile from the Watch Recordings 'INFO' popup menu and from the OSD popup menu when scheduling a transcoding job for a recording.
  • Added IRC frequency table support
  • Added job queue options from system status screen for programs in the auto expire list to delete the program now or cancel auto expiration
  • Added support for external text-based subtitle files (the formats supported by Xine) to the internal video player
  • Added EJECT menu option
  • Added inverse telecine filter
  • Added V4L card name, and if applicable the V4L2 driver during card setup for the currently selected device
  • Themes can now define a 'backgroundwindow' element that are more complex than just a single image, and will be present on all screens using mythui. See GANT for an example.
  • Added recorder keyed picture attribute adjustments. The default picture attribute keybindings are "F" for playback picture attributes, "G" for recorder picture attributes and "Ctrl-G" for channel picture attributes.
  • Adds three new DirectTV set top boxes to the DirectTV channel changing script: LG LSS-3200A, Sony SAT-HD300, Hughes HTL-HD HDTV DirecTV
  • Allow master backend to answer pixmap requests for slaves if the master backend is on
  • Added title sorting options to View Recordings when Titles Only option is selected in settings
  • Enhanced media detection by looking at file name extensions
  • Added CUSTOMEDIT key binding ("E") to scheduling pages. If you find a cool show while searching the New Titles list, search pages, EPG, etc., pressing "E" will bring up the custom editor page pre-loaded with the title of the selected show
  • Added a "Store" function in the Custom Record editor. This will save the current name and clauses
  • The subtitle (in addition to title) of autoexpired recordings are now logged
  • Extended FirewireRecorder to support multiple boxes in broadcast mode
  • Added a status char column on the Program List and Previous Recordings pages
  • Include the SVN version number on the System Status page
  • When an override is a recording in progress, show the "Change Ending Time" button instead of "Edit Override" for clarity and consistency
  • Added per rule preferred input plus other scheduling and priority options. See changeset 10186 for details.
  • Added AC3/DTS passthough device setting
  • Gradually delete large files to avoid I/O starvation. This is an optional setting that can be enabled.
  • Added SA4200 as a channel changer type to FirewireChannel
  • Added "first" and "last" flags to the program table. Please see changeset 10341 for more details.
  • Added a priority factor for shows that are identified as being shown only once in the current listings which defaults to zero.
  • Improved channel sorting with multiple source lineups. More details are in changeset 10392 and the related ticket 1966
  • Clamped live-tv recordings to 8 hours max. The hidden setting MaxHoursPerLiveTVRecording configures this behavior.
  • Added the CUSTOMEDIT keybinding to the previouslist and playbackbox pages
  • Moved seek tables to recordedseek
  • Added some program flags (hdtv, stereo, cc) to the scheduler
  • Updated the cutlist editor to pick the closest cutpoint when you try to add/edit a cutpoint and are within the 20-second distance to two cutpoints
  • Added contrib README and source code for controlling the Serial Red-Eye.
  • Added Singapore's analog frequency list
  • Fixed some of the frequencies scanned by MythTV for QAM in the US
  • Added more sort options for the Set Priorities page. 5 sorts by number of matching showings. 6 sorts by number of Will Record + Recording
  • Added parity checking on CC data
  • Changed the Upcoming Recordings screen, when in the Important view, to only show the first program for each recording rule that won't be recorded due to the maximum number of episoded being reached
  • Expanded the Not Listed status to include Timeslot and Weekslot rules
  • Added an additional channel change method for sa3250/sa4200 firewire boxes
  • Added support for playing .img files and directories containing a VIDEO_TS directory
  • Fixed basic XVideo support to allow offset and stride padding
  • Added Retro theme and OSD
  • Added firewire tester to help folks determine which connection type to use in mythtv
  • Added support for Apple Remote on Darwin
  • Show channels on other inputs on current card in browse mode
  • Added a -G/--get-setting parameter to the frontend allowing you to retrieve current settings information from the commandline

OSD Features

  • New OSD image cache which can improve channel changing times significantly
  • New Jump to Program OSD menu replaces Previous Recording jump option. Allows switching between any recorded program from the OSD.
  • Improved interface for captioning/subtitles/teletext. See changeset 9291 for complete details.
  • New GUIDE keybinding (defaults to S) while watching recordings to bring up the EPG
  • New FINDER keybinding (defaults to #) while watching recordings to bring up the Program Finder
  • New OSD submenu for the above scheduling options when watching recodings
  • New VIEWCARD keybinding (defaults to Y) in Upcoming Recordings to cycle through all scheduled programs on each tuner
  • Added TOGGLESTRETCH to OSD menu
  • New keybindings for toggling audio sync adjustment and commercial skip modes
  • New keybindings for increasing and decreasing the timestretch value
  • New OSD option for enable and disabling interlacing and also show user the current autodetect mode
  • Fixed OSD highlighting
  • Fixed OSD fading when using XvMC output
  • Fixed crash on uninitialized OSD cache pointer
  • Moved the defaultosd browse info from the bottom to the top of the screen. This is so that descriptions which overflow the box will flow onto the screen rather than extending off the bottom
  • Show the progress bar when the bookmark position is saved
  • Added Gray-OSD and Retro-OSD


  • Fixed program transition while Watching LiveTV
  • Fixed playback of remote files so they can be read locally if available
  • Fixed JobQueue bug that would allow jobs to run simultaneously when they should have been run sequentially
  • Fixed OSD disappearing problem
  • Fixed commercial skipping while recording is in progress
  • Fixed PVR-350 volume control
  • Fixed ATSC close caption decoding
  • Commercial detection defaults to All
  • Fixed FreeBSD compilation
  • Fixed Sparc compilation
  • Fixed 64 bit libdir compilation issues
  • Fixed crash in experimental Chromakey OSD
  • Disable pop-up keyboard on password dialog boxes
  • Improved speed in streaming mode
  • Improved firewire recording by setting HD ringbuffer size as firewire buffer size
  • Fixed group filter popup appearing when no recordings were present in the default group even when this settings was disabled.
  • Fixed occasional timeouts with ivtv drivers by reopening device on error
  • Xv picture controls options now hidden on systems that do not support Xv, like MacOS
  • Fixed segfaults when no inputs were connected to a card
  • Fixed missing external channel change command option in setup
  • Fixed database timeout and disconnect problem in scheduler
  • Fixed viewing of recording groups that begin or end with a space
  • Fixes for JOINs in kPeopleSearch and kPowerSearch with MySQL > 5.0.12
  • Preserve manual audio sync adjustments when using Fast-Forward and Rewind
  • Fixed TOGGLECC action from OSD menu
  • Fixed NTSC close captioning on saa7134 chips
  • Fixed Xv color change on XvMC
  • Fixed GCC 4.1 compilation
  • Fixed frequency tables which should provide faster channel scans for ATSC QAM
  • Fixed discrepency between dvbscan and mythtv wrt channels.conf for QPSK modulated signals.
  • Fixed database logging dropping details on repeated messages
  • Fixed conflict between phone entry and pop-up keyboard
  • Fixed recgroup changing on existing recordings when editing recording schedule
  • Fixed cutlist editing when no seektable exists by prompting user to create seektable
  • Fixed auto-expiration problem when disk space check returns 0
  • Fixed progress bar when using PVR-350 output
  • Fixed backend status page to show disk usage for each backend in addition to total space
  • Fixed how missing recordings are handled by only showing valid options
  • Fixed some filters when handling frame size changes as well as a segfault in kerneldeint
  • Improved preview generator by setting proper permissions on preview images
  • Fixed avcodec open/close race condition
  • Fixed preview video chroma problem
  • Fixed segfault in avcodec seek
  • Fixed memory corruption due to default copy constructor
  • Fixed video drivers reporting unreasonable refresh rates
  • Fixed unnecessary LCD calls when LCD support was disabled
  • Fixed preview generator by improving load time and fixing segfaults
  • Fixed all SQL code to use prepare/bindValues to provide proper escaping
  • Fixed OpenGL texture size which caused problems for EPIA boards
  • Fixed a reversed regex query in playback groups
  • Fixed preview generation by only regenerate preview on programinfo change if "PreviewFromBookmark" setting is set
  • Added limit to the number of times we try to generate the preview image.
  • Recordings marked as 'deletepending' are not included in the AutoExpire list since they are already being deleteed.
  • Fixed various memory leaks
  • Fixed focus issue when the "No recorder" dialog box is presented
  • Fixed focus issue with channel change in EPG in LiveTV to an unavailable tuner
  • Fixed XvMC linking with latest nVidia drivers
  • Fixed problem where the scheduler was run before the settings cache was cleared
  • Fixed problem with FFW greater than x5 appearing as if the picture was stuck
  • Fixed bug in card deletion in mythtv-setup
  • Prevent editing of LiveTV and Default recording profile names
  • Fixed bug when adjusting audio timestretch while playback is paused
  • Fixed rounding error in timecode calculation for streams without an explicit timecode
  • Made DSMCC crc function 64 bit safe
  • Fixed autoselection of subtitle/caption streams when the streams are not immediately available.
  • Skip 'dummy' recordings during playback, instead, just pause.
  • Allow switching between xvmc and xv during playback (if the file type changes, not manually).
  • Sync the file to disk more often when first starting recording.
  • In RingBuffer, re-try to open files more often (but for the same amount of time), and don't spam the console with error messages.
  • Reset the 'read ahead' bitrate calcs on file change, and add some lower bitrate modes.
  • Fixed XvMC running out of frames and XvMC rendering pause frames
  • Fixed detection of some instances of duplicate entries in the Media Monitor
  • Fixed subtitle detection when two preferred languages are configured
  • Fixed a off-by-one error in placement of ITV objects caused by rounding
  • Don't reset the channel list when toggling a favorite in EPG
  • Fixed display of a small number of favorite channels in EPG
  • Fixed off by one when changing number of displayed channels in EPG
  • Fixed instability with file transfers from the backend when the connection drops
  • Turns off streaming before switching inputs so that we can switch inputs on the Plextor ConvertX
  • DPMS code cleanup
  • Fixed some brokenness with modifier keys (and jumppoints bound to modifier keys) in plugins
  • Changed the default for the CC 608 menu when streams are not autodetected. CC-2 becomes CC-3
  • Fixed two XRandR aspect ratio override problems
  • Removed some micro speed changes in slo-mo and fast-mo. A speed change needs to be 200% or more to make a noticible and worthwhile difference. 1/3X and 1/4X are only 33% or 25% apart depending on how you look at it and are virtually indistingushable
  • Fixed a bug on the priorities page where the font color may not update if a rule is marked Inactive with the "P" key
  • Reworked video buffer locking to avoid two display and decoding thread from accessing buffer dequeques at the same time when tracking inter-frame dependencies
  • Fixed off-by-one error preventing QAM-64 frequency tables from being generated
  • Fixed "deadlock" when many deletes are pending
  • Added recording profiles for recently added recorders, and makes RecordingProfile show an appropriate set of options for these recorders
  • Only sets freqid in process_dd_station if the listings have the "LocalBroadcast" type, other TMS listing channel numbers are too unreliable
  • Fixed a bug in the housekeeper related to cleaning up the inuseprograms table. Previously the code would delete all entries less than 4 hours old, now it correctly deletes entries over 4 hours old
  • Fixed misplaced row highlighting in the log viewer part of the system status screen after acknowledging the last log entry in the list
  • Modified the recorder so that it will run the proper jobs when a scheduled recording is recorded during a LiveTV session
  • Fixed the nuv recorder to honor the mpeg4optionidct and mpeg4optionime options which are in the recording profile
  • Stop trying to write to a file once it has it a file size resource limit. Fixes core dumps on filesystems that do not support large files.
  • Fixed various freqeuncy inaccuracies in the frequency tables
  • Hide channels hidden in EPG when channel flipping
  • Fixed text background colors for teletext pages
  • Checks for VBI devices in "/dev/v4l" and "/dev" not "/dev/v4l" and "/v4l"


  • Added MacOS X on Intel support
  • Added firewire capture support
  • Fixed endianness issues
  • Enabled DVD module again


  • Support for DVB radio channels and guide data collected via EIT for them
  • Added 8PSK DVB support
  • Added support for Twinhan Cab-CI
  • Added support for DVB encoded VBI streams in MPEG streams
  • Added DVB Teletext decoder using T keybinding. Pressing F2-F6 selects colored menus and F12 reveals hidden text.
  • Improved DVB event parsing performance
  • Removed broken dvb_hw_decoder
  • Allow each stream to use multiple Conditional Access methods (Australia)
  • Added workaround for broken DVB drivers. Users can set a tuning delay which some cards need to properly tune channels. Details
  • Added ISO IEC 6937 encoding support
  • Improved time it takes to tune a DVB channel
  • Fixed the handling of short reads when reading transport streams from a device
  • Added handling DVB-T other frequencies where there are two transmitters for the same set of channels near each other
  • Smarter multiplex handling by avoiding inserting redundant multiplexes by updating existing ones when possible and not requiring an exact match on some of the optional params
  • Test for SDTs in addition to NITs before falling back to PMT channel insertion and also avoids adding NIT entry's PID in PAT as a PMT PID
  • Increased timeout when scanning for DVB tables
  • Fixes fraction lookup overflow with DiSEqC rotor code
  • Added new service types needed for HDTV using the DVB table standard
  • Make automatic input switching (based on channel number) work with DVB cards
  • Added pid listening priorities. This allows recording to work for cards with very limited pid filtering capabilities


  • Added support for Dish Networks DiSEqC switch
  • Implemented a tree based DiSEqC configuration method.
  • Properly compares DVB-S frequencies (which are stored in the DB in kHz not Hz).
  • Reimplements Retune() code in a more correct fashion.
  • Removes temporary cur_tuning from class state (for more dependable re-tuning).
  • Added support for LNB only diseq configurations


  • Major EIT changes. Please see changeset 9957 for details
  • Faster decoding of ATSC EIT tables
  • Support for Dish Network EIT information
  • Fixed UK EIT parsing and properly detect subtitles
  • Fixed EIT updating on second DVB card
  • Allow updated EIT data to overwrite existing information
  • Improved EIT event parsing by checking signatures of processed events to avoid repeat processing
  • Fixed Austar EIT incorrect subtitles
  • Allow EIT information to "leak" to different sources when a single satellite provides guide information for multiple sources.
  • Support new GPS UTC timefix
  • Allow the EIT version cache to be save to the DB so that it can be shared amoung recorders on several backends
  • Fixed an EIT PID thrashing problem with ATSC streams
  • Improves the EIT Fixup functions for the UK and Sweden.
  • Improves the EIT version cache (lowering memory and CPU requirements).
  • Fixes various small memory leaks and lowers memory requirements with earlier deletes.
  • Fixes a spurious error message in filldata with EIT only sources.
  • Allow EIT data to be collected when the section reader is in use by the DVB signal monitor
  • Fixed incorrect EIT airdate updates

Network Control

  • key command accepts multiple inputs like "key up up enter"
  • new "QUERY recording CHANID STARTIME" to list information about a single recording
  • Fixed seeking on recordings greater than 1 hour
  • Fix the "key" command when on the main menu



  • Added MythArchive plugin for archiving recorded shows based on mythburn.py
  • Made the DVD menu music and length themeable
  • Fixed a segfault in the VideoSelector screen if you don't have any videos
  • Fixed the stream mapping when calling ffmpeg
  • Fixed a problem where the script wasn't handling the UTF8 values from the database properly and would fail if they contained non ASCII values
  • Provide smarter debug output when things go wrong
  • Updated list of valid DVD resolutions
  • Fixed a bug where edited file details were only being picked up from the job file properly for the first file.
  • Fixed a bug where the script would fail with filenames with single or double quotes in them.
  • Better time formatting on DVD menus
  • Fixed a problem with the DVD menu creation not scaling item positions for the different screen dimensions
  • Change the script to read the correct video mode setting from the DB.
  • Fixed moving the created ISO image to the chosen save directory if that directory is on a different file system than the mytharchive work directory
  • Allow choice of parameters to pass to ffmpeg when a re-encode is required. There are currently four encoding profiles (HQ, SP, LP, EP) to choose from which give approx. 1, 2, 4 or 6 hours of video on a regular single sided DVD
  • Add the import archived files option so that recordings that are archived using the native archive format can be imported back


  • Fix for KDE 3.5 headers


  • Fixed segfault on startup on frontend only systems
  • Allow multiple keybindings per jump point


  • DVD playback now uses Internal DVD player
  • Faster ISO creation
  • Added support for arbitrary transcode parameters to mtd
  • Fixed mtd holding onto ISO handles after ISO job completed
  • Block certain keypresses during DVD playback
  • Prevent exit menu when exiting DVD playback
  • Allow jump forward and back when watching DVD with only one chapter
  • Disables interlacing when in a DVD still frame
  • Improved the DVD menu scaling logic
  • The default player is forced to Internal. If you had a previous player and want to return to it you'll need to reenter it in the "DVD Player Command" setting. For your reference your old command is still in the database settings table (DVDPlayerCommand).
  • Improved fast foward and rewinding


  • Replace some HTML characters with standard characters


  • Added removable media support
  • Added basic LCD support
  • Fixed OpenGL texture size which caused problems for EPIA boards
  • Fixed problem with exiting from MythGallery
  • Added sorting options including by date
  • Added OpenGL transition effect length option and control
  • Allow exiting from subfolders in MythGallery when media monitoring is disabled without unintenionally exiting from plugin
  • Allow subdirectories on mounted media to be explored.
  • Prevent Escape for going above the mounted media subdirectory when the mounted media is explored on disk insertion.
  • Allow exiting from device monitor when a device rather than the gallery is selected.
  • Exits menu when you select the "Show Devices" menu entry. The user generally wants to explore the devices after showing them, not select another menu button.
  • Improved error handling in MythGallery


  • Fixed crash when entering settings menu
  • Fixed multi disk games where the wrong disk would be selected first
  • Added favorite toggle to the Rom Information edit screen


  • Added WAV file support
  • Added album shuffle mode
  • Significant performance improvements in building the music tree
  • Fixed jumppoints out of visualizations
  • Better LCD organization
  • Added "does not contain" option to smart playlists
  • Added new Scan Music jumppoint
  • New Database Schema (same as MP3Act uses).


  • Add a popup menu to MythNews (Press M/MENU) to allow you to add, edit and delete news sites direct from the main interface without having to edit the XML file.
  • Increase the space for the news article from 3 to 5 lines so you can see more of the news story before it is cut off
  • Updated Slashdot URL
  • Replace some HTML characters with standard characters
  • Fixed PC Magazine URL


  • Added support for SIP OPTIONS request


  • Use internal player for .iso, .img, .vob, .mpg, .mpeg and VIDEO_TS
  • Fixed jumppoints in video gallery when not at the root level
  • Fix the INCPARENT and DECPARENT keybindings in MythVideo's video list/tree mode
  • Removed 4:3 theme assumptions
  • Allow MythVideo to display multiple files with the same title when sorting by title.
  • MythVideo now uses the internal player for .iso, .img, .vob, .mpg, .mpeg, and VIDEO_TS extensions. If you had a previous player set you can delete the new file associations and restore the 'extension_old' version.
  • Folders in metadata only view
  • Option to ignore case in title comparisons (though a locale may override this)
  • Multiple prefixes should be consistent now
  • All metadata fields are available to the theme in all views
  • Minor redraw issue
  • Consistent metadata representation across views (where appropriate)


  • Fixed radar images by parsing number of images from source site instead of assuming 6 are available
  • Fixed forecast showing wrong day information
  • Removed 4:3 theme assumptions


  • Added streaming module for downloading content
  • Remote tuners display details of their activities on the status page instead of just "recording"
  • Various small fixes for MythWeb, including an addendum to the README about AllowOverride settings.
  • New grey skin
  • Fixed some programs, mostly EIT inserted information, always showing as previously recorded
  • Fixed upcoming recordings page hiding in progress recordings when deactivated shows were filtered
  • Fixed bad link in TV detail page
  • Fixed creation of overrides for custom recorded programs
  • Fixed backend log display not showing newest entry
  • Fixed music module not showing icons for other modules
  • Fixed single record rules allowing overrides
  • Sorted titles exclude definite/indefinite articles (The, A, An)
  • Fixed cookie timeout math
  • Added favicon
  • Allow toggling of auto-expiration
  • Better IE digest support
  • Fixed typo in gmp_add
  • Allow theme changing, now called skins
  • Redesigned mythfrontend.php library
  • Fixed weather display where region/subdiv was not defined
  • Added stats display module
  • Added settings table editor
  • Fixed cookie timeouts
  • Updated the error handling routines
  • Improve main program listing page load time
  • New advanced search page

Support libraries


  • Updated to 1.3.1
  • Disabled mmx-accel for x86-64

Utility Applications


  • Fixed script for new file name convention
  • Added --answer feature for passing in answers to title and description questions
  • Various enhancements. See ticket changeset 10047 for details.


  • Added --getskiplist to print out the commercial skip list, useful for making .edl files for mplayer
  • Improved speed during near real-time commercial detection
  • Improved realtime commercial flagging by trying to stay 7 seconds behind recordings instead of 120
  • Fixed --all --queue command-line option to queue up commercial skip jobs for all programs
  • Parse the -O/--override-setting option
  • Fixed realtime flagging to update player with seektable to ensure commercials found can be skipped while program is in progress
  • Fixed pausing and starting commercial detection jobs
  • Add a --nopercentage option to mythcommflag to allow disabling of the percentage complete and frames-per-second display during flagging.
  • Support --queue when running from the cmdline with '-s' and '-c'
  • Separated out the 'classic' logo detector and scene change detector code into separate classes


  • Don't bail out of mythfilldatabase when we fail to retrieve some data. This causes issues for people who have multiple sources and an error occurs with one source. The scheduler would not get triggered and other data fixups would not occur because mythfilldatabase would exit if we had any errors at all.
  • Avoids inserting channels from datadirect if the channel is connected to a DVB or HDTV device.
  • Deselects channel from datadirect listing if datadirect a channel does not exist in the the MythTV DB.
  • Sped up the "Fetch channels from listings source" button in mythtv-setup by only fetching listings for one day and only on the specific sourceid we're interested in
  • Added a new param to mythfilldatabase "--only-update-channels". This is used now where we only need to get channels, and do not need any listings data
  • Adds a new option to mythfilldatabase called --no-new-channels which ignores new channels in the lineup. This actually removes the new channels from your lineup, as if you had gone to the zap2it website and removed them manually.
  • Renamed --do_channel_updates to --do-channel-updates for consistency with the other options.
  • Fixed xmltvid insertion in manual mythfilldatabase channel insertion mode
  • Avoid automatic update of DataDirect lineup when there are no new channels for us to remove from the listings
  • Log the wget stats, probably the most important info in the mythfilldatabase output
  • Fixed a bug where only the first source attempted in the run could add new channels
  • Addes support for tv_grab_il and tv_grab_es_laguiatv
  • Fixed some mythfilldatabase problems with respect to inserting channels
  • Avoid unneeded change of zap2it lineups when --only-update-channels is used with analog inputs, and treat firewire as an unscanable input when --only-update-channels is used
  • Moved the deletion of unnedded entries in recordedprogram, recordedcredits and recordedrating to the daily housekeeping


  • Parse the -O/--override-setting option
  • Fixed a couple jobqueue related bugs that show up when you have multiple backends running jobs for each other and they have different recording directories
  • Fixed the job queue where it would not handle the case where mythtranscode died instead of quitting with a proper exit code


  • Fixed LCD crash
  • Updated to support lcdproc 0.5
  • Convert the lcddevice to use the new threadsafe MythSocket
  • Added big clock display support


  • Added compilation as standalone executable. Needed by MythArchive
  • Update mythreplex to detect audio PTS inconsistencies which cause av sync problems when the file is demuxed


  • mythshutdown will now only reboot when the 'nvram-wakeup Restart Command' has been set. If you don't want or require a reboot after setting the next wake up time in the bios leave this setting blank.


  • Added --dvd command-line option for inserting DVD NAV packets into stream
  • Improved verbose output by printing cutlist on a single line for MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 transcoding
  • Allow the -s/--starttime command line option to take the date in either YYYYMMDDHHMMSS or YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS format.
  • Take cutlist into account when computing percent complete during MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 transcoding
  • Fixed to work on systems without soundcard.h

Fix problem reported by Thomas Boerkel with mpeg2<->mpeg2 transcoding. The problem was that if a cutpoint ends on one of the 1st B frames in a sequence header, then mythtranscode would not place a sequence header at the cutpoint, causing an invalid stream.

  • Parse the -O/--override-setting option
  • Fixed a couple mythtranscode related bugs that show up when you have multiple backends running jobs for each other and they have different recording directories
  • Add recording profile setting to allow specifying filters to apply when performing lossy transcoding with mythtranscode
  • Made mythtranscode honor the DeletesFollowLinks setting when removing files when the SaveTranscoding setting is turned off
  • Fix a couple of bad memory leaks in mythtranscode --mpeg2
  • Handles size and aspect ratio changes when transcoding to nuv
  • Prevent the transcoder from wrongly including the first and last frame of a recording when a cut portion started at frame 0 or ended on the last frame of the recording
  • Fixed mythtranscode exporting raw video frames from 1920x1080 video
  • Updated mythreplex to detect audio PTS inconsistencies which cause av sync problems when the file is demuxed


  • Moved setup program from top level directory to under programs


  • Skip redundant events properly