Release Notes - 0.20

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These are the changes in the current development version of MythTV from the 0.19 release. Currently these features are slated for the 0.20 release. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, will likely appear in a 0.19.1 release.

As always, these features are available in the Subversion system but be prepared if you plan to run this version and subscribe to the -dev and -commit mailing lists to keep up to date on development.

Updated through revision 9052


New Features

  • Improved internal DVD player now supporting menus and other missing features
  • Support audio cards that do not provide MASTER/PCM like M-Audio Revolution 7.1
  • --nohousekeeper command-line option to mythbackend to disable the housekeeping thread
  • New GUIDE keybinding (defaults to S) while watching recordings to bring up the EPG
  • New FINDER keybinding (defaults to #) while watching recordings to bring up the Program Finder
  • New OSD submenu for the above scheduling options when watching recodings
  • Stereo, CC, and HD indicators in Watch Recordings screen for a recording
  • New VIEWCARD keybinding (defaults to Y) in Upcoming Recordings to cycle through all scheduled programs on each tuner
  • Allow customized command lines for transcoding and commercial flagging
  • Added support for using both digital and analog portions of pcHDTV cards
  • Added ability to create a cutpoint close to another cutpoint when editing a recording
  • Added new Auto Expiration method to expire by oldest priority and oldest start time. Please see changeset 9038 for more details
  • Added Maximum Commercial Skip setting that limits how far a manual commercial skip can jump. Pressing skip a second time for longer jumps will allow the jump to occur.


  • Fixed playback of remote files so they can be read locally if available
  • Fixed JobQueue bug that would allow jobs to run simultaneously when they should have been run sequentially
  • Fixed OSD disappearing problem
  • Commercial detection defaults to All
  • Fixed FreeBSD compilation
  • Fixed 64 bit libdir compilation issues


  • Support for DVB radio channels and guide data collected via EIT for them
  • Added support for Twinhan Cab-CI
  • Added support for DVB encoded VBI streams in MPEG streams
  • Added DVB Teletext decoder using T keybinding. Pressing F2-F6 selects colored menus and F12 reveals hidden text.


  • Added support for Dish Networks DiSEqC switch


  • Faster decoding of ATSC EIT tables
  • Support for Dish Network EIT information
  • Fixed UK EIT parsing and properly detect subtitles
  • Fixed EIT updating on second DVB card

Network Control

  • key command accepts multiple inputs like "key up up enter"
  • new "QUERY recording CHANID STARTIME" to list information about a single recording



  • Fix for KDE 3.5 headers


  • Fixed segfault on startup on frontend only systems


  • Faster ISO creation


  • Significant performance improvements in building the music tree
  • Fixed jumppoints out of visualizations


  • Fixed jumppoints in video gallery when not at the root level


  • Remote tuners display details of their activities on the status page instead of just "recording"

Utility Applications

  • Fixed script for new file name convention
  • Added --answer feature for passing in answers to title and description questions


  • Added --getskiplist to print out the commercial skip list, useful for making .edl files for mplayer


  • Added --dvd command-line option for inserting DVD NAV packets into stream