Release Notes - 0.20.1

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The following fixes have been applied to the release-0-20-fixes branch destined for a 0.20.1 release. These are changes since the 0.20 release.

Updated through revision 11355

Major changes

  • None


New Features

  • Attempt to re-record programs that are not recorded because of a channel change failure
  • Added Echostar and Nimiq tv service type descriptors for digital recordings
  • Allow configuration of diseq repeat count


  • Fixed programinfo passing between master and slave backend. This required a protocol change to version 31.
  • Fixed V4L2 API compatibility with IVTV 0.8
  • Fixed updating of the last_record field
  • Fixed bug in cutlist conversion
  • Reduced firewire packet buffer from 8000 to 2000
  • Fixed 8PSK modulation tuning
  • Fixed problem causing duplicate rows for manually scheduled programs to appear in Watch Recording list
  • Fixed problem where backend might fail deleting a file due to filename being changed by transcoding
  • Fixed problem with non-GUI programs initalizing OSD
  • Fixed issue with aborted data over UPnP
  • Fixed truncating delete code by grabbing filesize prior to unlinking
  • Improved sending of committed diseq messages
  • Fixed favorite channel and direct channel entering in browse mode



  • Converted all intros and menu music tracks to AC3 audio
  • Fixed bug where save directory was not being passed properly
  • Fixed problem where mytharchivehelper was returning the wrong aspect ratio for .nuv files
  • Fixed problems with filenames containing apostrophes




  • Fixed choppy playback on some DVD main titles
  • Fixed segfault when external player exits
  • Fixed problem with missing menu buttons on some DVD titles
  • Fixed enabling of subtitles from main DVD menu








  • Fixed segfault when external player exits



  • Fixed passing null values when scheduling recordings
  • Fixed myth:// URLs
  • Fixed links for manually overridden video URLs
  • Fixed music module detection
  • Improved file streaming using sys calls
  • Allow negative recording priorities to be set

Support libraries

Utility Applications