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MythTV 0.20.1 Release

The following fixes have been applied to the release-0-20-fixes branch, formally released as MythTV 0.20.1 on Saturday, April 28, 2007.

As usual, the release having been cut, this page has been protected.

These are changes since the 0.20 release.

Updated through revision 13330

MythTV 0.20.1 Release

Major changes

  • Fixed programinfo passing between master and slave backend. This required a protocol change to version 31.

New features

  • Attempt to re-record programs that are not recorded because of a channel change failure
  • Added Echostar and Nimiq tv service type descriptors for digital recordings
  • Allow configuration of diseq repeat count
  • Added support for QAM recording using HDHomeRun device. Requires firmware 21-09-2006 or newer.
  • Added --no-upnp option to mythbackend to work around situations where UPnP support consumes 100% CPU
  • Added tuning of raw MPEG channels in HDHRRecorder


  • Fixed commercial skip to ignore skips that take you to the end of the file (#3275)
  • Fixed problem with available disk space calculations
  • Fixed atsc channel scanning (#3301)
  • Fixed segfault in mythtv-setup (#2735)
  • Fixed diseqc polarity and repeat settings (#2226)
  • Fixed maxepisode counter
  • Fixed assorted keybinding
  • Work-around for ATI fglrx crash bug (#2302)
  • Fix unnecessarily high cpu usage with xvmc playback
  • Fixed issues with some dvb adapters with a limited number of pid filters (#1970)
  • QAM fixes for the HDHomeRun
  • Fixed problem with backend wakeup not properly respecting early/late recording start times (#2883)
  • Fixed cpu temperature monitoring code so it doesn't crash the backend anymore (#2895)
  • Fixed segfault while editing a recording (#2746)
  • Misc transcoder fixes (#2420)
  • Misc EIT fixups
  • Fixed programinfo passing between master and slave backend. This required a protocol change to version 31.
  • Fixed V4L2 API compatibility with IVTV 0.8
  • Fixed updating of the last_record field
  • Fixed bug in cutlist conversion
  • Reduced firewire packet buffer from 8000 to 2000
  • Fixed 8PSK modulation tuning
  • Fixed problem causing duplicate rows for manually scheduled programs to appear in Watch Recording list
  • Fixed problem where backend might fail deleting a file due to filename being changed by transcoding
  • Fixed problem with non-GUI programs initalizing OSD
  • Fixed issue with aborted data over UPnP
  • Fixed truncating delete code by grabbing filesize prior to unlinking
  • Improved sending of committed diseq messages
  • Fixed favorite channel and direct channel entering in browse mode
  • Fixed deleting a video source which did not delete its associated channels
  • Fixed SW42 and SW64 support for pre-DiSEqC
  • Fixed the recordedprogram, recordedrating, and recordedcredits tables cleanup and move the cleanup into the housekeeper instead of mythfilldatabase
  • Fixed deletion of orphaned channels
  • Fixed playback by selecting the first video stream found in the PMT. This allows allows the people with weird broadcasts to function, without inhibiting the functionality of Interactve TV (MHEG)
  • Fixed problems with the "Auto" time-offset in ATSC EIT



  • Fixed problem with some dvd export profiles (#3314)
  • Fixed date/time offset bug (#2651)
  • Converted all intros and menu music tracks to AC3 audio
  • Fixed bug where save directory was not being passed properly
  • Fixed problem where mytharchivehelper was returning the wrong aspect ratio for .nuv files
  • Fixed problems with filenames containing apostrophes
  • Fixed a mixup when retrieving the chanid and starttime from the DB
  • Fixed problem with No Menu theme when trying to add movies




  • Fixed playback issue with DVDs featuring full-resolution subtitles (#2800)
  • Fixed issues with eject button when media monitor is disabled (#2462)
  • Fixed choppy playback on some DVD main titles
  • Fixed segfault when external player exits
  • Fixed problem with missing menu buttons on some DVD titles
  • Fixed enabling of subtitles from main DVD menu





  • Fixed segfault when multiple types of encoded audio files are in a playlist (#2557)
  • Added support for flac 1.1.3+ api changes (#2957)
  • Fixed SQL error when adding by genre to playlist



  • Fix two translation issues with the call popup dial or answer dialog


  • Fixed metadata search problem when no country and/or genre exists for movie
  • Fixed imdb scraping (#3118)
  • Fixed segfault when external player exits



  • Fixed passing null values when scheduling recordings
  • Fixed myth:// URLs
  • Fixed links for manually overridden video URLs
  • Fixed music module detection
  • Improved file streaming using sys calls
  • Allow negative recording priorities to be set
  • Fixed category display
  • Apply sanity check for the date range popup menu, for those people who occasionally get wacky data from DVB EIT data

Support libraries

Utility applications

  • Don't divide the file size by 1 megabyte twice


  • Fixed segfault by taking the first video stream (rather than the last) when multiple video streams are present


  • Fixed crashes with hybrid tuner cards